About Me

 Hello everyone! My name is Pheadra (or at least that’s what my raiding friends call me) and I’m the one who’s going to be writing for your reading pleasure. I’ve been playing WoW for about a year and a half now on my Holy Paladin main. The reason I don’t play on my alts…well is because I don’t have any level 80 alts. I’m the slowest leveler in the world. Take about eight months of my afore mentioned WoW time and you’d have a rough idea of how slowly I level. The reason that I am very dedicated to researching and understanding my class? Well, if I did suck and couldn’t perform in raids then I wouldn’t have a back up plan and I’d be forced to wallow in a gearless state for all eternity. I’m an art student at my local college, and yes I do try to do some WoW influenced art. Some of it will possibly appear on here, but not anytime soon. I also perform inprov comedy at my local theatre, where I am also an employee (you will understand why none of us eat popcorn anymore when your whole wardrobe smells like it and you have butter stains splattered all over yourself that the end of your shift).

I feel like I should give some more information about the reasoning behind the name. I’m going to assume that since you’re reading this you’re some what familiar with raiding mechanics and you’re aware the worst thing any paladin can possibly do in a raid is to use divine intervention (DI) on the tank. Well a long, long time ago, by which I mean about four weeks after Trial of the Crusader had debuted, we were giving Hodir one of our first attempts for the week. In these days I was working on figuring out a new UI layout for myself (The spells were too big and to close together, yada yada yada) and I in all my genius glory had put DI right next to Avenging wrath. Needless to say a few clicks in and I realize that suddenly the tank has this really pretty bubble around him…oh wait, I’m the only paladin…oh wait I don’t have my wings….oh shit. As I sit in my armchair in a panic wondering if anyone will notice (in those brief few seconds where hope seems oh so likely) I hear a very confused voice over my vent.

“What the hell, none of my skills are working! Why can’t I move?”

Of course by that time Hodir had smashed us to pieces with his icy fury.

“That was my bad guys…I DI’d him by mistake. But I really didn’t mean to do it, it happened because…”

Instant uproar ensued, and I never got to finish telling them my excuse as to why I was a dumb ass. The loudest laughter of all came from my boyfriend who was raiding next to me. It remains to this day the story we tell new recruits on their first raid with us.

“Remember that time Pheadra was trying to heal and then…”

Yeah, good times.


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