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If you don’t Shut up and Grind I’ll tell you to QQ more, you altaholic!

I love WoW music videos. Especially the ones that take well-known favorites and rewrite them so they have WoW lyrics. I tried to go to bed last night and then got sucked in for an hour watching videos on’s movie watch (then I decided to level a shaman, but that’s another story). There are truly many talented machinama minded people out there. My favorite by far is RavenSylphe productions. The woman who sings in their songs, EmperIsolte, has a wonderful voice that puts me in mind of my favorite 90s songs. Slightly grungy and soprano (yeah my soprano sisters, pound it!) I could listen to her sing these songs for hours. The lyrics are funny, well written, and always make me smile.

Here is a link to RavenSylphe’s page, and to EmberIsolte’s (Her blog, Girls do play WoW, is here). Below is my favorite video they have done so far. I’ve been searching for weeks to find a reason to include it in an article, but alas I’ve been unsuccessful. This video is so good it graced’s movie of the week on two separate occasions. Without further ado here is RavenSylphe Production’s song All the Ninja Raiders, a parody of All the Single ladies by Beyonce:


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