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My eye balls, they bleed, but it’s for Glory!

As you’ll notice the site has had a make-over! I actually drew the image you see above you, but I couldn’t use all of it to my dismay. Here’s the original drawing:

I was taking pictures of this with my laptop light shining on it (Yes, my scanner isn’t hooked up, I am a failure artist!) so that’s where the funky blue light comes from. As you can see I’m wearing my beloved T10 helm, and either I’m on fire or I’m healing, I haven’t decided yet. The quill was a last-minute addition, and I’m sad I couldn’t fit it in the final version. Maybe I’ll find something to use it for later!

I’ve been having a lovely argument with my eyeballs for the last few hours while I changed exposure and contrast on this little web program that is not photoshop. Not that it would matter, because I don’t technically know how to use photoshop, but the options would have been nice. Well, it’s not like I could have actually seen the options, because my eyes were, and continue to rebel. I look like a mentally challenged fish as I’m closing one eye at a time and rubbing it while I use the other one to see what I’m typing.

Actually, I just discovered I can type with my eyes closed, so I only look like a dying fish. At least I can still wirte lebbiled snetnances, adn no spllchek neeedd!1!

I’m going to type with my eyes open for this part, because I feel I owe a bit of an apology to anyone who has been holding their breath waiting for my next post (Which, if you’re doing, you may want to seek medical attention because not only have you been refraining from breathing for a while, you’re also doing it on my account, which is unhealthy on so many levels.) I’d like to be able to say I’ve been marooned on a desert island without Wi-Fi, or that I was recently transformed into a rabbit during a Magic show accident, but sadly I’ve just been neglecting my blogging duty. However, mayhem has run amuck in my WoW life, and I’ve made a change that will be effecting what I’ll be blogging about.

 I moved off Trollbane and onto Stormrage with my guild The Forgotten, now known as Prototype. I won’t go into the myriad of details why I left TB, but the general reasons were that A) All of the “top” 25 man guilds had server transferred and if I didn’t go to Stormrage or somewhere else I’d have to end my progression raiding career then and there, B) The friends I had previously decided to stay on TB and raid with have gradually stopped playing, or at least raiding, to my eternal sadness, and C) I needed to, as one lovely commenter put it, get my “raiding mojo” back, and a new setting has already started helping me to do that

 For now I’d like to move away from talking about guild stuff and get back to discussing things that are more interesting than guild drama!

Boyfriend is out-of-town until Wednesday, I’m done with my freshman year of college, and I have spent all the money I’m allowed to without feeling completely guilty on M:TG cards, so I’ll have nothing to do but draw and write for the next few days!

…holy crap, I’m done with my first year of college.


But…that means…I’m actually an adult? I’ve lived away from my family for an entire school year, and I’ve managed not to explode, or end up in a mental hospital?



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Where I yell a lot about Finals and serve you Pie

Ah, finals week! My favorite time of the semester. Where I get to feel guilty about not blogging, guilty about only logging on for raid, yell at the boyfriend for silly things, and not clean the house.

Oh, and stay up until ungodly hours of the night glueing paper to paper. Thats right, I said it. GLUEING PAPER TO FUCKING PAPER. Poster board projects are not my favorite, especially when my printer breaks and all my pretty fossil pictures have to get printed in the library in black and white, which clashes horribly with the colorful paper I glued to other pieces of paper until 3 am!


Well, now that I’m done yelling about that…Anyways. There is so much I have floating around in my brain for ideas for posts, and until I have time to write them all down and make them presentable, I will give you the quick and dirty of things to come.

Haste, and why I love it.

Kingslayer 25 man, complete!

Site design changes, or how WordPress is infinitely more infuriating than glueing paper to paper.

Not talking about Cataclysm raid changes*

Not talking about Cataclysm class changes*

What I want from Cataclysm.

Healer weapon options from ICC.

Of course, knowing  how I do things, I’m sure I’ll never actually get around to making those posts and be a lazy cow as soon as finals are over. Well, it’s the thought that counts, right? However, I want to give you my reasons for not blogging about the cataclysm changes, and I shall do so in Pie chart form! Enjoy until after finals when I get down to some real blogging again, heh.


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