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Pally PuG Problem

Recently my guild has decided that all of us healers need to have decent offspecs incase we need to use them…like if we somehow actually get more than three healers on any given raid night…which never happens. Anyway, this means I’ve run heroics as ret lately. I’m well aware that in WoW paladin’s are one of the top three classes played (come on, you can’t sneeze without snot landing on a light infused mace), so the number of people who simply don’t know what they’re doing is going to be catastrophically larger than  less populated classes. But, this presents a problem to me because, you see, I cannot keep my mouth shut. Any time I get placed in a group with a Holy Pally I immediately check their gear, and in an overwhelming huge percentage I find paladin’s who are decently geared having…spirit gems. All I can do is cradle my head in my hands and say “shut up, shut up or you will get into a huge cat fight about spirit and MP5 and spellpower and you don’t want that…just DPS and shut up, shut up…”

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A note to LFG DPS

I have learned in the past few days of LFG madness two things: 1) If my ret set out DPSs you, you have a problem and 2) clearly most DPS have no idea how to heal, how to play a healer, or what the different types of healers can do. I say most, because there are the slim margin of people who understand healing and happen to be playing on their DPS character.

*Note: This has got my nerdrage going

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