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What we’re looking to recruit and how you can apply!

I’ll have the sweet and sour raid chicken with a side of the egg rolls of disappointment.

I know I’ve been absent for a few days (or weeks, I’m not sure at the moment) and I apologize for that. Between raiding, school, work and recruitment I haven’t had any time, or anything to write about actually. I was going to write about how a healing style can change over time, to adapt to a changing healing team, or a lacking one. However, I have been greeted with several metaphorical “kicks in the nuts” in the past few days. So, in the interest of an article that isn’t distracted and sloppy because of my current mental state I abandoned that idea and decided to write about something that’s been bugging me for the last few weeks.

As most of you know, I’m the recruitment officer for my guild. At the end of an expansion pack like WoTK recruitment is difficult– good players are either sticking with their guilds or looking for Hard modes already, and the lack luster players won’t cut it in a progression guild. The lack of difficult raiding content in the Trial of the Crusader period has left many raiders with an instant-gratification attitude. ToC was a raid that was not difficult; it was quick, easy, and allowed sub-par players to skip over Ulduar and all the trouble with Yogg, and jump to breaking open loot pinatas in ToC. With several months of that type of raiding we all got used to getting every piece we wanted weeks sooner than we would have dreamed possible in the days of Ulduar and as far back as vanilla.

Now we come to Ice Crown Citadale. It does not require the skill that Ulduar required (although I could be looking through rose-colored glasses), and with the backing of the ToC attitude, people want their content down and they want it now. Wiping for days on a boss is un acceptable, and it makes everyone much more angry than it would have in the past.

To top it all off, I’ve just had the very face smacking realization that selfishness wins out in most cases in WoW, especially among players of my generation. As always, there are exceptions. My personal opinion is because, in a large percentage of cases, we never see the people behind the screen. Through immaturity, delusion, and self-absorption it is easy to ignore the feelings and desires of someone whose face you don’t know, whose lives you don’t have to know anything about beyond their prefered class in WoW.

We liken a raiding group to a sports team, and on the surface it is. But underneath the surface the biggest differences between the two are that you often live very near your team mates, you know their families, their schools, you have infinitely more access to an understanding of the personal feelings of a soccer team-mate than a fellow raider who can be just pixels to you without any trouble.

It is not specifically among raiders that we find this attitude, but amongst all of us at one point or another. Recently, a lot of hate has been spilling out of the holy paladin corner of the blog-o-sphere. Warm fuzzies are not to be found seemingly anywhere in the WoW-o-sphere. To me, this is one of the most disappointing things I have seen in my WoW career. The reason I began blogging was because I wanted to practice my writing, I love playing my class, and I found a community that was laid back, honest, and had players that inspired me with their funny writing style, and extreme understanding of what they are talking about. The pen has been exercising its might in the last few weeks, and bloggers have been forcefully speared upon its ink spattered tip. This pompous warring has brought about the end one of my favorite blogs from one of the most helpful woman I have ever met in the blog-o-sphere. I’m not going to tell anyone how to write, but it goes back to the pixels-versus-person attitude. It is so disappointing to see the effects of  such angry blogging, and commenting, between all of us.

However, I’m getting off topic here.

My point (since I do eventually have to get to it) is that players are not colorful dots on your screen–They are people who work, have families, want to succeed, and in some cases, actually want to help other people succeed. I know I’m up here on my soap box condemning everyone–including myself– but I’m doing it because I do not want to see the feeling of the pre-Toc Wow community vanish in favor of a group of short-tempered, self-involved, angry people.

…I suppose I owe an explanation for the spark that set this grumpy fire.

In the last 48 hours my two resto shaman healing partners left the guild. I understand that not every place is the right place for everyone, but it’s not like a band-aid– the faster you do it does not make it better for all involved. As all of you know, having a stable healing team is a huge bonus for a raid group, and now I am the only healer left over from what I’ll term the “sundering” of Surge. I enjoy the three healers who are left, but the only one I know slightly well is out-of-town. Not to mention the lack of resto shaman’s abilities will be a sever detriment to our raid group.

I suppose there isn’t anything I can do about it now. We’ve been thrown a curve ball and I suppose we’ll have to deal.

So, I suppose I’m just going to sulk, eat chinese food, and ponder the state of the WoW world in a grumpy and sullen manner.



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One step forward, fall down hill.

You know the old saying “One step forward, two steps back?” Well for me it’s “One step forward, fall on face.” More about the falling part later, but for now:

You’re looking at (reading at?) the newest guild assist of Surge, and Raider in charge of recruitment! After our GM made a few core-members guild assist (basically junior officers) last week he asked me to help be in charge of recruitment for the guild, along with the website. I’m very excited about this (!) and if anyone out there has tips on how to recruit good players that would be so helpful. We’re looking for almost everything right now, including at least one Priest healer (Oh Codi it’s so on!) and a few good tanks. I made a spread sheet this morning for all the raiding members of Surge, and who shows up etc. So now I have a good idea of what we’re looking for.

It’s a week of “new” in the life of Pheadra– new hair cut, new officer position, new challenge of recruiting. Hopefully this won’t consume my brain to much, although I did manage to spectacularly fall when I was walking to the library this afternoon because my mind was in a galaxy far, far away (is that a terrible reference because I’ve never seen Star wars?) and I bruised my palms and literally gouged a hole in my knee. Not a cut, a HOLE. I’m such a baby when it comes to falling, especially when I fall into mud. Any who, off to go make more spreadsheets and lists!

EDIT: Title was totally written like a facebook status…my bad.


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Surge: Not just an energy drink anymore!

Well my lovely readers (and there are so many of you now!) it’s time for me to give you all some very exciting news. I know many of you are happily guilded, but for those of you who aren’t…

 Surge is recruiting!

 That’s right! You now have the chance to come raid with us on the lovely and scenic Trollbane-Us, where progress is progress and raids are raids!

 We’re looking for some really good healers to replace some members we lost recently, so if you want to come show us what you’ve got in a Server Top ten guild head on over to our website,, and apply today!

 Oh, and we’re also looking for some people who hit stuff, some people who lets stuff hit them, and some people who throw fireballs at stuff.

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