Ruby Sanctum Gear for Holy Paladins


MMO-Champion has released the gear for the PTR tested Ruby Sanctum. The whole list is very slim, with 13 pieces dropping from 25-man and 6 pieces dropping from 10-man, but we’ve gotten love from Blizzard in these pieces. Every healing piece that drops would be a nice choice for a Holy Paladin looking for upgrades before heroic ICC (Although your other healers will most likely hunt you down if you try to take their leather/cloth/mail armor from them). In the interest of people who don’t want spoilers about the gear I’m going to put the list (and my comments on them) after a break!

25- Man iLevel 271 gear

Foreshadow Steps, plate feet

– +98 int/stam, Two sockets, +131 Spellpower, +70 crit, and +86 haste

Split Shape Belt, mail belt

– +98 int/stam, Two sockets, +131 Spellpower, +70 crit, and +86 haste (Yes, the boots and belt are exactly the same according to the MMO-Champion site. Wierd?)

Phaseshifter’s Bracers, leather bracers

– +73 int/stam, One Socket, +104 SP, +64 crit, +56 haste

Cloak of a Burning Dusk, cloth back

– +73 int/stam, One socket, +104 SP, +56 crit, +64 Haste

Ring of Phased Regeneration, finger

– +73 int/stam, One socket, +104 SP, +56 crit, +32 Mp5

Glowing Twilight Scale, trinket

– Equip: +190 SP; On Use (2 min Cooldown): For the next 15 seconds, each time your direct healing spells heal a target you cause the target of your heal to heal themselves and friends within 10 yards for 356 each second for 6 seconds

10-man iLevel 258 gear

Changling Gloves, leather hands

– +86 int/stam, Two sockets, +114 SP, +68 crit, +68 Haste

Abduction’s Cover, cloth back

– +65 int/stam, +91 SP, +57 haste, +24 Mp5


Well, the 25 man loot is definitely a boon for ICC 25 normal mode paladins who are looking for those new pieces. Nearly every piece has haste on it, and no spirit! (Sorry Druids, I promise we all still love you, just not the embarrassing stats you choose to need on your gear.)

But –and this is a big but–I feel that these pieces should have been released in the original ICC instead of coming in as what I’m going to call a “fix” for the disappointing gear in ICC. Plate boots with Haste? Great! Except, most  paladins have already gone and dumped a considerable amount of gold and emblems into the crafted Earthsoul boots, or fought to get the Plague Scientist boots from Heroic Festergut. (A.k.a. I’m two f–ing Primordials away from having all the mats for my Earthsoul boots, and this news has made me highly grumpy about the wasted emblems. Or soon to be wasted.)

 Instead of having plate boots worth a damn for getting through ICC, we’re getting them after a large portion of healers have resigned themselves to finding non-plate boots to fill the gap in gear. I’m glad Blizzard is starting to realize that paladins simply aren’t taking the plate gear they’ve created, choosing instead to downgrade and cause frustration with point systems that don’t allow Healadins to bid on non-pate items (or at least not competitively bid with other healers), or tension between the Healadins and other healers if the paladin chooses to /roll on “their” piece. However, it’s feeling to-little-to-late for my tastes, and my hope is that future raiding environments won’t have these issues, and that the plate pieces are correctly itemized.

When I first looked over the trinket I was highly irate.


ME: Another trinket for healers with no intellect?! What does Blizzard think they’re doing? Where is all this spell power love coming from! Oh, and the proc looks just like that f–ing Trauma proc, this is such bull. What so the legendary mace was great for us and now we’ve got to sit it out while all the other healers get to party with fun, useful procs?!

BOYFRIEND: What are you talking about? That trinket isn’t going to be worth it for Resto druids, it says direct heals. It’s not going to proc off HoTs, or things like Chain Heals or Prayer of Heals…or whatever Priests use to heal, fuck if I know. That trinket looks awesome for you!

ME: Buuuuuut, it has no intellect! I can’t give up my regen from my trinkets for that….waaah I’m going to have to stay with 245 trinkets until Cataclysm comes out *foam at the mouth*

BF: You’re telling me you can’t give up +128 intellect and +599 SP every 2 minutes for +190 SP and *pulls out iTouch calculator*…in your best case scenario using a one second Flash of Light cast fifteen times, and assuming that the trinket is off the GCD, you’ll do approximately 821,250 extra healing every 2 minutes, if it’s used on CD and if you manage to get it on 25 people every 6 seconds?


BF: Yeah.

ME: That can’t possibly be right.

BF: Yes it is, and that’s why it’s designed to be only direct heals and not proc off of HoTs or Trauma’s heals or anything like that. The out-put would be completely ridiculous if it wasn’t.

ME: How did you get that number? It still seems impossibly high…and it still doesn’t have any intellect on it.

BF: Sigh. Okay, it’s a heal for 365 every second for six seconds, right? So, when this is on, a singular target your healing will receive an extra 2190 cumulative every six seconds. Ten other targets will receive exactly the same amount of healing, assuming you’re healing a group of people close together, on a fight like Festergut. If you only get it on those ten targets, and those ten targets stay the same and don’t spread to anyone else while it’s active, you’ll see about 328,500 extra healing every 2 minutes. Sticking with the 25 however, you do 365(for the healing being done)*6(for the number of times the 365 is going through)*25(for the number of people being effected by this)*15(for the number of casts you’re able to do with FoL in that time) and you get 821,250. However, it’s never going to be exactly that. Rarely will it be that high, and it’s a very situational on use, but you’ll probably always be able to get upwards of 12 people with this effect.

ME: Holy cow…

ROOMMATE: Now who’s complaining about no intellect on the trinket!

ME: Be quiet, peanut gallery.


So, if my math-loving boyfriend and roommate are correct, this trinket will be well worth it to pick up. In fact, it will be the most insane thing in the world to acquire, and all of us should be banging down the gates of 25-man Ruby Sanctum until we get it. Now, as you all know, I’m no math wiz, so if these numbers are completely off base I’d love to get the correct formula for this (and I’ll have you sit down and chat with the boyfriend, as he’s sure his math is correct). This is assuming there is not weird internal cooldown, no maximum number of people the effect can go to with in the people in 10 yards, and that you’re able to get 15 1 second casts off. We’ve still got a few weeks to wait by the looks of things, so we can keep polishing our disappointing boots, and unattainable bracers until then.



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13 responses to “Ruby Sanctum Gear for Holy Paladins

  1. Codi

    In all likelihood, I’m not going to take the new trinket. The extra spellpower is more than “meh” to me and the use, while interesting, is not something that I can see myself using often. The mp5 from Solace is much better, IMO, and even the badge INT trinket is better, since you can macro it to Divine Plea and it’s, you know, INT. XD

    I’m really happy about the boots, myself. I was looking at not getting to upgrade my boots pretty much at all from the crafted, but now I’ll be able to! If only there were better legs than the 264s. : /

    • I’m probably going to take it, simply because by that point I expect to have enough mana + mana regeneration to sacrifice the Int from the Talisman, because honestly the proc on that trinket makes me highly grumpy. I’m definitly going to be keeping my Solace though, as dropping the regen from that would make me a sad Paladin.

      If anything it will be interesting to test how this works. That much healing is nothing to sneeze at in my opinion. But I don’t see a lot of paladins taking it because you’re trading intellect for spell power. But if it comes down to it and I’m really hurting there are some enchants I can change around to give me more intellect and I can still play around with the proc. It may also be something to keep only for fights that you’re struggling with, or when you’re lacking on good raid healers. I can see that helping alot of guilds who are working on fights like heroic Blood queen during the blood bolts, or Festergut at the beginning when there’s all that incoming raid damage.

      • Oh, and yeah, the legs are a pain. Currently I’m running with the crafted cloth ones, simply for the huge amount of haste on them. I also got my boots crafted today, so that should help with my haste too. The Heroic Plague Scientist boots would definitly be an unpgrade over the crafted ones though, and since their from Festergut I may have a shot at them…over every other healer and DPS…sigh, damn you Blizz!

  2. HP

    I don’t know if I still want that trinket despite the calculations. Traditionally, paladins don’t really care about healing done over mana regen. I guess the way this trinket works is a bit how our Cataclysm healing spell will work. I would take this trinket to play with but not if our raid healers want it. I have Solace so I’m really happy with that.

    • I don’t think it will be as good for all other raid heals, because it only works off direct heals.

      • Codi

        The only one I can see it not being good for it Resto druids, since they’re all HoTs. Every other class used a large amount of direct heals.

  3. Mondka

    Yeah that Trinket would be no good for Druids. All I really want, as a tree, is the Abacus. On another note Druids really don’t need spirit anymore. Mostly gem for haste until cap then spellpower now. The only reason Druids should be going out of their way for spirit is if they are having mana problems.

  4. Mcginnis

    Feh. Paladin gear. Where’s your writeup on the bear stuffz?! I’ve been gone for 3 weeks in Germany. Shouldn’t you have that about ready by now?

  5. Altarix

    I suspect even the int/sp trinket from Mimiron 25 back in the day will provide greater HL throughput than this new trinket. For HL focus I’m still hanging on to the meteorite crystal and heroic solace.

    FoL focus is the only real circumstance where you’d have the freedom to apply the on-use to the entire raid. The trinket would be viable as a stand-in for a stronger piece like heroic solace, but definitely not ideal for HL focus imo.

  6. Mondka

    where did you go?

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