This is the way a guild ends, not with a bang but a…server transfer?

I’m hysterically laughing while I write this post. Why? Because I’ve just realized that the Run Back Series I put on hold many moons ago is now the perfect set of articles I’m going to write over the next few weeks. “But, Pheadra,” you may ask me, “Arn’t you in a 25 man guild? Arn’t you recruitment leader and guild assist of Surge?” Well darlings, there are simple answers to those very good questions.



For all intents and purposes Surge has ceased to exist as a 25 man guild as of last night.

Before going into ICC 25 last night, our GM gave the rest of the guild the news that I had known for a few days: He, several of our officers, and a few members were going to server transfer off of Trollbane. He had a guild lined up for himself, and he would speak to the GMs there if anyone else wanted to go with him. He gave a very typical longwinded speech, and gave us the reasons for leaving, chiefly of which was that he didn’t feel Trollbane was a server worth its salt for progression raiders, and that we would all be able to succeed as a guild on Stormrage. I’ve already shared my reasons for not wanting to server transfer at the moment (it’s not a completely eliminated possibility for further down the road), and some other people felt the same. The GM was leaving the guild, with bank, intact for anyone who wanted to continue raiding in it after tonight, and there was some money available if the officers who were staying wanted to create their own guild. Of course, this caught a large portion of people off guard. Questions abounded, and a few people made snap decisions if they were leaving or not.

Honestly, I am green with envy of everyone who has a stable guild and/or raiding environment. I was sorely tempted to apply to the top Alliance guild on TB and try to get as many of my friends to app with me so we could continue raiding 25s together in a progressing environment. I was not interested in trying to rebuild for the third time in my fairly short raiding career. It is hard, so hard, to rebuild on a server like Trollbane. That is one point I agree with my ex-GM on– the proportion of casual raiders is vastly larger than the “hard-core” raiders we want to be. It’s hard, but not impossible.

I’ve been enjoying the game less and less of late, partly because of the sheer amount of verbal badgering I’ve been receiving over the last few days, the gradual loss of friend after friend who’ve moved on with raiding, and the attitude of the other guild assists and officers. Knowing about the server transfer hasn’t helped my mood in raids, and every night I’ve been feeling like if I had that one little nudge, the one tiny spark that sets the fire, I was going to lose my mind and snap faster than a twig under an elephant’s foot.

After raid last night a few of us hopped into vent and started talking over our options. The general feeling was that people were burning out trying to hold together a crumbling 25s group. We talked for a long time, well into the wee hours of the morning. A lot of different options were presented but in the end, we decided we were going to stay in Surge, our mage, Doora, was going to take over GM, but we’re going to focus on getting ten man content down until we can get the kind of players we need to a successful 25 man guild, or even combine with another ten or 25s guild if we get far enough into 10 man HM. I’ve been effectively convinced to give rebuilding another shot, and I’m preparing myself for the massive amounts of work we’re going to have to do. Just goes to show how much I like these guys, I suppose!

 A lot of the issues we (that is the ten or so of us) had are leaving to find greener pastures, so hopefully the change will be a good one. The nice thing about running your own ten man guild with friends is that you can have whatever policies you want. Our first order of business is going to be to get the guild website more active, and we’ve got a few other things that need to be changed, but it’s all very do able. Honestly, I’m a little strung out from all the drama lately. I think another week of 25s like this would have caused me to go psycho crazy, and no one wants that…or so I think.

We’ll, although the aftermath is sometimes harder than the war itself (which we’ll see tonight), I learned a few very valuable lessons from Surge.

What I learned

1. The same 25 talented people coming together on any given night is a pretty tall order near miracle.

2. It’s easy to bitch, hard to make the changes.

3. You’re never going to like everyone you raid with at all times.

4. I like the challenge of 25s more than tens, but the peace of tens is a nice change.

5. Selling BoE’s makes for controversy, not selling them makes for an empty guild bank.

6. There is never a perfect loot system.

7. I like recruiting, although it is pretty tedious at times.

8. No matter what, if someone is going to leave you can’t try to bargain, because then they’ve really got you by the balls when they leave (Cause they will).

9. Progression can’t come without a cohesive raid group, and an atmosphere everyone enjoys.

10. Disc priests can tank heal (Shocker, I assumed only Paladins could. I mean, we are the best to be sure. Heh.)

11.I prefer being a leader, just not a raid leader.

12. Nobody is irreplaceable, just difficult to replace.

We’re going to revisit the issue of being in a 25 man guild in about a months time. If we’re already to get back into that scene we’ve got a few options open. I know I don’t want to be doing ten mans forever– I want a heroic LK 25 man kill! Until then, we’ve got a 10 man Lich King to kill, protodrakes to achieve, backlash from our decision to clean up, and an Undying achievement to conquer. I’m sure our bags will be over flowing with Abyss crystals from all the ten man loot we’ve sharded by then also.

Like I said at the beginning I’ll be reintroducing the run back series sometime in the near future. Although the quality of players is certainly higher than Roxbury’s were, I have no doubt we’ll face some of the same issues.



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10 responses to “This is the way a guild ends, not with a bang but a…server transfer?

  1. Ugh yeah… 25’s are really hard to hold together. Just as we started to have enough for a 25, people left and we were back down to a 10.

    • Yeah, I feel your pain >:O
      I’m in such a weird place right now with what I want to do. I’m against server transfering (mostly) because I love the friends I’ve developed here. But I need to raid competitivly to have fun in game. BAAAA. A large part also depends on the mindset of my Druid signifigant other, because we come as a pair. Ten mans sounded really great, and then I realized how…boring they are. I like the number of people in a 25s guild, its a much more lively atmosphere. I don’t know, it’s all crazy jumbled in my head right now.

      And I won’t even get to figure it out until friday night, because the Druid doesn’t get back from Disney World until then.

  2. Mondka

    As a note about trollbane. I don;t think the problem is really that there are enough hardcore raiders. Its just that there are not enough quality players (sorry trollbane). It is apparent when you ever try to join a non guild pug that can’t get coordination past deathwhisper. Trollbane is full of people who just cannot grasp the concept of how to work together and not just spam a button. Also the top 3 guilds have a monopoly on all the good players (two have already server transferred). I think that a good way to at least find the good players is to run pugs and just save the names of the really good players out there. Eventually you will have a list long enough to spam invite everyone to hopefully build a good base. 🙂

  3. I have a fairly long response to this, so I opted to just save it on my desktop for the moment. Is there an email you’d prefer I send this to?… or is posting it up right here alright?

  4. I reached a point on my original server where over time, I’d experienced enough drama and friends leaving, that it built up and made me quite a bitter person. I even said to a guildie “Man, the next bout of drama will do me in, I tell you”, and what happened? The next time something came up (and it was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things) and guildies were leaving the guild at a steady-ish stream, I just…couldn’t deal. My recently left guildies were rebuilding in a new guild and like you, the thought of starting over AGAIN was not a pleasant one.

    Until then, I’d refused a few offers from former guildies that had transferred or started playing on other servers to transfer Endy. I was too attached to Scarlet Crusade, it was my home for 4 years. But that last bit o drama pushed me over the edge and I was really burnt out, so I transferred to a server 2 RL friends were on. It was the change I needed to revitalize the game for me. I’m much happier now and I’m glad I did it.

    That being said, I hope things stabilize for you and you can get your WoW-playing mojo back! You have to do whatever makes you happy.

    • I’ve definitly said “Next time is the last time” etc about guild drama. At some point it just becomes a little silly. Every night shouldn’t end in near tears and keyboard smashing frustrations.

      The day after I wrote this (and I felt so much better after I did, suprisingly) my house-mate mentioned how not-dark and brooding I seemed. It really struck home the ridiculous-ness of the whole buisness. Not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m going to make sure it’s something that I’m going to enjoy, rather than something I’m doing because I’ll feel guilty not doing it.

      If I write a new guild application I’m definitly using the phrase “wow playing Mojo” in it as a reason why I should join their guild, ha.

  5. Mondka

    Where did everyone go?

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