Ye old code of Ventralry

Since Ventrillio is a nessicity of progression raiding I figured there must be some code of conduct I can pass around to my blog readers! All social situations have unwritten codes of conduct everyone should follow (or mostly unwritten, sororities tend to write theirs down). Luckily I found this gem while digging through my collection of medieval raiding paraphernalia (You think they conquered each other without use of a voice program? Ha, newb.):

I) Ye shall not bombard ye fellows with thy political, nor religious, beliefs

2) Thy voice shall not decibly offend ye comrade eardrums

3) Nor shall thy voice be unintelligible to all but the most sensitive microphones

4) Ye shall not be a bully to any guildie of ours

5) If thy is not the Commander, than thy shall shut thy face pertaining to the slaying of beasts

6) Ye shall mute upon thine own peril


Wow, such a brilliant and polite mind to have committed to words the traditionally accepted Vent  procedures. Now, we can all bask in their glorious use of medieval “thys” and wonder at our own vile rudeness if we should break these most sacred of oaths. Since many of you may not be familiar with medieval speak, I’ll clue you in on the meanings of these rules of ventrillio.

1) Just like you wouldn’t want to be yelled at for your sexuality, skin tone, or sex, many people do not want to have to defend their political views in an open vent channel in the middle of a raid. Not only are politics and religion harshly debated topics that get peoples blood pumping, but most importantly WoW is a source of entertainment people play to get away from the stresses of day-to-day occurences. Politics and religion are intensely personal, and attacking someone for what they believe is one surefire way to create an unpleasant raid environment, and possibly receive a /gkick in the deal.

2)Yelling into a microphone not only hurts peoples ears, it gets real annoyingg real fast. People can always turn you down, but that puts you at risk for normal volume comments not being heard because your volume is adjusted for you being super loud that normal volume suggestion that could have saved the raid from a wipe won’t be heard. Also, don’t sneeze with your vent on either (I’ve done that one before…) If you’re not actually yelling but it seems like it to the people clutching their ears and trying to stem the bleeding, try turning your outbound down. Sometimes laptop mics can be extra sensitive and very loud.

3) If you’re whispering into vent I can only think of a few reasons that would be nessicary: a) Your house has been invaded by zombies that can’t hear whispers, so you can finish your guilds HM Lich King kill if you’re really, really quiet…But in that case you probably should go find a shot gun and run! or b) You’re a kiddie and your parents will ground you if they hear you on vent at 11 PM…but, again, in that case you probably shouldn’t be online so late, and did you do your homework? Anyway, the point is, you’re not saying sweet nothings to your lover, and I doubt anyone if your raid wants to hear you say breathily “I’ve got an ooze on me, come get it off.”

4) Bullying, like trolling, isn’t useful at all. It goes back to the whole cohesive raid thing– upset people make unhappy raiders, unhappy raiders make for poor progression nights, poor progression nights breeds resentment, and resentment leads to angry healer channels (or DPS, or Tank) and poor attendance. Especially if you’re bullying over vent; you’re throwing them into the fire in front of everyone, and you’re going to upset their friends as well as them. Also, not only does being a bully show that you’ve got some serious team-work issues, but it’s a form of criticism that doesn’t get taken constructively. What would you rather hear: “God, [x], you must be sitting there with your thumb in your butt instead of healing because you’re fucking sucking tonight”  or “Hey, [x], I’ve noticed you’re having some issues tonight, are you having an issue with the mechanics of the fight?” Most people won’t resent an honest question; it gives them an opportunity to explain why their heals/dps/survivability is lower in this fight, and to ask any questions.

5) A clear vent channel is helpful when working on progression. Everyone is sure that the only ones giving direction are those in charge: class leaders, or just raid leaders. When the call for heroism on Saurfang comes from BillyBob Jenkins 15% to early instead of Raid Leader Nelson people get confused and then heroism gets blown because the shaman are always jumpy about it (We have a policy where no one but the raid leader even mentions the “H” word because even a question about it always results in it being blown). If you have ideas, mention them after a fight. The ability to guide the unwashed masses is give to the raid leaders because they’re experienced, people respect them (hopefully), and they know what they’re doing. When every Tom, Dick, and Harry are all yelling differnt things over top of the raid leader angry wipes are sure to ensue.

6) Muting is something I am uncomfortable with, because I’m afraid I’ll miss something important. The esteemed person who wrote these rules obviously felt that way to. They’re a guild mate, you’re  supposed to respect them, and receive respect in turn. However, if you’ve got to mute someone for legit reasons they are probably breaking any, or many, of the aforementioned vent guidlines.

What a crazy useful thing to find in my random collection of medieval raiding artifacts (What don’t believe me? Type “medieval artifacts” in google and the first one you see is mine)! Maybe it will save us all some grief in the future, because the people who repeatedly ignore these guidelines and the guilde lines of social acceptability are probably going to cause a great deal of problems in the future.


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