Have a cow, why don’t you?

Me: No you can’t write about that, you’re going to sound like a bitch.

Myself: However, I like to be honest with my readers, and it’s my blog, I can write about what I want.

I: And I don’t want to write about Cataclysm, atleast until I can /cry or /dance about the paladin changes.

Me: Still, everyone is going to think you’re the angry-est healer and your blog is going to lose all meaning except as a place to QQ.

Myself: You know what, Me? Shut up, I and Myself can write about whatever me want, you can go think about how you’re going to figure out a paladin topic that hasn’t been done to death.

Me: *huff* Fine!


As you can see, I’ve been having sever internal arguments with myself over what to write about. However, I’m in full have-a-cow mode (besides all the stuff below, I came home from a weekend trip to find a hung over friend of my roommate’s in my bed–no one gets in my bed but me–, and all 30 of my semi-expensive fruit rolls decimated by said drunken friends) and I’d like to get some stuff out. Judging by the posts of fellow bloggers I’ve been reading this morning, everyone else is pretty unhappy too.

Raiding has hit a lull. This is the first expansion I’ve raided in, and I can tell you, the end of WotLK has not impressed me. ICC graphically is very dull. There is no rule that when Arthas became Lich King the only colors he could see were blue and black. You can only stare at so much black and blue pixels before your eyes start to glaze over. To give the Blizzard designers credit, the Blood Queen’s room has the potential to look very cool. They didn’t take it far enough in my opinion. She’s a Queen, and a Vampire for goodness sakes, give her more…oh I don’t know…oomph!

Apart from that, attendance has hit an all time low for us. We’re loosing more players to silly things faster that I can recruit. Last night I spent an hour arguing about -one stupid trinket- with a, now former, ret paladin guildie, because he felt that it should have gone to him over our other ret paladin because he had a Greatness card versus the other paladin’s  264 trinket, despite the fact that we had only killed the boss 3 times and only seen it drop once. Besides the fact that I believe whining about loot weeks after it happened, or even days after, is completely pointless, to me raiding isn’t about the loot anymore.

You could say that’s because I have what I want out of ICC–which isn’t true– and that because of that I am selfishly protecting a system that gave me my gear. No, it’s not that, but because I’ve found that the cohesiveness of my raid group is worth more to me than pixels on my laptop. People, the people I spent four or five nights a week talking too, are more important to me than getting that small increase in healing, or some cool proc. I can still heal as well as some of the better paladins on my server without that heroic Solace of the Defeated that went to a paladin that left two days later. Yes, it sucks, it stung my pride, but I believe in the integrity of our loot system and the fairness of spreading the gear around. Keeping the guild together is worth more than rage logging and pitching a fit about it. The drama isn’t worth it to me. I’d rather log slightly sad about a lost trinket or bracers, than flaming pissed about the fact that we didn’t even have a raid tonight because no one logged on and we lost guildies because of it.

I love raiding. Thats what I play WoW to do. The officers have been bouncing around ideas about how to fix our situation. Our GM is pushing pretty hard to server transfer the guild and rebuild on a new server. Admittedly, Trollbane is not the best. We’re marked as a “new player server” (ouch) and the best Alliance guild has only just killed Lich King on 25 man regular (double ouch). However, for me server transferring is looking like a no-no. I like the idea of having greener raiding pastures, but several things are holding me back:

1. I’m a poor college student, and money is veeeery tight. Although I have only one character, my boyfriend has three eighties, two of which he raids on. It would be expensive for us to continue raiding together on another server the way we currently do on Trollbane. I can sacrifice my monthly dinner out for WoW, but not rent money, heh.

2. I’ve got a great many friends on Trollbane, who I know wouldn’t come with me. I could make new friends, and I’m sure I will, but people like Ominous, other members of the old Roxbury gang, and McGinnis are irreplaceable, and I know they wouldn’t come with us. Thinking about it now, I can count tens of people I would miss greatly. I almost feel like it would be a bad break up situation– You don’t like the relationship but you love your significant others family, so you stick it out to get to see them.


The best option I’ve seen presented so far is a merger with a guild that will remain unnamed. They’re full of great raiders who are having some of the same attendance issues we are. I doubt it would so much as a merger, because I don’t think anyone who is leading the guild now would want to continue raid or guild leading, but more of a “we will absorb you guys and anyone who doesn’t make it into raids can still chill out and do alternate runs.” Which would also stink, because some of the players I enjoy playing with aren’t the best raiders. But, watching the raiders I’m trying to encourage and help enjoy raids make excuses and slip though my fingers is getting very old.

Somethings gotta give. We’ve got a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c prot paladin coming over hopefully tonight, which would give us the second main spec tank we’d need. Healing is still some what of an issue– I’m going to have to have those hard talks with underperforming healers that I hate to do. A full raid Tuesday night would make me very happy, but if it’s not full I’m sure it’s going to be another tough night for everyone. I love nothing more than introducing promising recruits to a bitter, half full raid group. Whoopie.



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5 responses to “Have a cow, why don’t you?

  1. Mcginnis

    I like . It’s strange to me that in so short a time, I have already grown attached to many of the regulars. Finally beating Putricide the week before the 10% buff came out… was everything that I’d hoped raiding would be; coming together, focusing, and feeling the elation and reinforcement that you can do it!

    I really can’t see anyone that I like doing the server transfer. It would really suck to see punch and you go; in the relatively short time I’ve known you guys in game, it’s always been a pleasure. I know Maniya feels the same. I feel that way about all my favorite people in the guild, so perhaps my belief that no one would server transfer is simply wishful thinking, or denial. Surely, they wouldn’t leave MOI!

    I really truly believe that this guild could be a viable competitor for #1 on TB. We need to make some changes. It’s extremely difficult for me to suggest change, given that I consider the officers my friends, or at least somewhat amicably. It feels as if saying something negative about the way things are currently run is just going to end up being hurtful.

    Who knows what ‘the fix’ will be, though? I will not be server transfering, regardless of what the guild decides to do as a whole.

    As for me:
    I hope that we stay on trollbane.

    I believe that we need to IMMEDIATELY implement a points based loot system. (Preferably EP/GP)

    I think we need to restructure guild rank to something a little more understandable: “Trial” until EP rqmt met, “Member” afterward, “Officer” for an exceptionally hardworking dedicated few, and one “guild master” because the game requires it.

    I think we should raid 25man content on raid nights. Doing 10 man raids isn’t helping our recruitment near as much as progression in 25 ICC would help it. Going 11/12 25ICC next week would make us a much more lucrative home for dedicated, skilled players. But we won’t get there any faster by losing a ‘progression’ night each week.

    We need to facilitate better communication between the officers and the guild at large. The GMotD is a terribly ineffective method, and it’s really the only one I’ve seen used. We should be using the forums for discussion of guild issues throughout the week, not just vent on tuesday. You’re a writer, Pheadra! Make use of this skill!! 🙂

    And finally, probably unappreciated, I will say for the record that I am going to miss Vectom. I think that more than anything, he had a good attitude. He made me laugh. He cared about the guild, his position as guild-assist, and raiding with us; I think that he was generally disregarded due to his age, and maybe not without reason; he could sure be a jackass sometimes. But I think that it’s a tragedy to lose any regular, experienced, geared raider when we’re already strapped to find 25. I disagree with his choice to quit, but after yesterday, I worry about the collective officer response when I may have to eventually leave the game/guild.

    Also, good topic. It’s been on my mind, too. 🙂 I mean, honestly… wouldn’t a queen have some more frou-frou? A boudoir? A chest of drawers at the LEAST?!

  2. Mcginnis

    First sentence was “I like .” How silly of me. Time for bed.

  3. Mcginnis

    GAH!! lessthan SURGE greaterthan! I LIKE lessthan SURGE greaterthan. I HAVE BEATEN YOU, HTML!! STAY DOWN.

    • Ah, it was you spamming my inbox. As expected.

      I agree about the EP/GP, I’m just warry about using a point system because I’ve never used one before.

      I would love to get the website more active, in fact I’ve been trying to get the other officers to post ten man stuff on there for a while. No one seems terribly receptive to the idea, but I’m going to keep trying.

      I agree that we have the potential to be a great guild, but things do have to change.

      And I am also going to miss Vectom. He was a good player, and I respected him as an officer. Not sure to many others did though, and his age may have been a factor in it. The last thing we needed was to lose an experienced raider.

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