Hodgepodge Post

Well, my healing team is slowly coming back to life. We’ve had the addition of a resto shaman who is hard working, dedicated, and asks me the questions I wish every healer would ask me! Asking questions is always better than not knowing : ]

And my Priest friend has greatly stepped up to the plate to help me get my footing as a Healing lead. Which is much, much harder than I thought it would be. It’s amusing to get whispers from her like:

Gwena: Wait, what did you just say, don’t we usually [insert how we usually do it]?

Me: Omg, you’re right, I totally read that wrong. Dammit!

The fact that I know nothing (well, next to nothing) about Priests makes her help invaluable. Being a new healing lead has pushed me to learn to accept that I am often times wrong, and to learn to correct myself quickly. Hopefully my healers don’t mind.

We’ve made a lot of changes in how things are done since I took over, like actually doing healing assignments. Without them we couldn’t identify who was messing up when tanks were dying, or how to improve ourselves. Now, I can say “X more healing on Y target, because their HP dropping is making me nervous” and if it doesn’t happen I know that the healing assignments need to change-up.

I’m having a blast healing BQL and giving out assignments for that. It’s a very difficult fight for the DPS (especially when the get mindcontrolled…three times *happythoughtshappythoughtshappythoughts*) but with a short-staffed healing team we’re all having to put in extra oomph to keep everyone alive. I took Matt Low’s suggestion from WoW.com and had Gwena as disc healing the people affected by pack of the darkfallen, and the bite targets.  We’ve still got some work filling out our team, and getting people to step up to the plate healing wise. If not, well, I’ve got to make some tough decisions : /

Currently I’m heavily recruiting…well every thing except Rogues. So HA!

No, just kidding. The stresses of raiding become all that more stressful when you only have 23 people for a progression night. But, we’re working through it, like everything else. Although, I’d do a great deal for a happy officer chat and for people to show up on time for raids.

Now, back to recruitment, and to ignore my homework somemore.

Oh, but I do have an excuse for why I haven’t been posting! I worked on this last week:

That’s right, it’s a pufferfish. /Win



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4 responses to “Hodgepodge Post

  1. I love doing healing assignments – whether it’s me doing the assigning or someone else – in part to see who has actually been paying attention. The disc priests love it as well since they may get lost in the uber-leet-omg-look-at-my-hps nonsense that healers love. If your target lives = you win. And then I look at who healed your target to make sure. : )

    And, can I buy a rogue from you? I’ll sell you a warrior or hunter!

  2. Art

    So is that pufferfish a new boss in cataclysm?

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