Happy Easter!

Happy whatever-easter-is-to-you-day. Enjoy the reasons to eat chocolate and get money from your grandparents. My easters are spent with both parts of my family, and I’m happy to say that this year my cousins on my mothers side were incredibly pleasant. We (the elven of us– all girls except for my little brother and step cousin Trevor) reminisced about playing dress up, sneaking out to swim at night when we spent the night at my Grandparents in the summer, and how my younger cousins Marie and Sierra always ended up fighting with each other for some toy or another. One time at Christmas, Marie smacked Sierra with the 1980s inspired, bright pink barbie phone because Sierra wanted to play with it. Strange thing was, it was actually my sisters phone…we’re a strange bunch. However, the sign that hangs in front of my Nana’s house couldn’t be more true:

Nana’s  House: where cousins go to become friends.

Ah, family.

Also, I made more money today from finding eggs than I would have if I worked all day. Think I can get a job as a professional easter-egg finder with a finders fee for each egg? I don’t think that would require me to go to college either…

Back to the original reason for posting this–

I know I’ve been rather absent these last few weeks, and I do apologize for that! You’re going to hear excuses from me every time exams roll around, and with all the crazy guildness lately I haven’t really been able to focus on blogging, although I do still read  A LOT of blogs. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some more interesting posts. My significant other is going out-of-town ( to Disney World, lucky sonofabitch!) so I’ll have more time to myself in the next week or so in which I can blog in between feeling guilty about not blogging and catching up on homework.

So, go and enjoy Noblegarden, the most frustrating holiday (who wants to camp eggs for goodness sake! And there isn’t even gold in them!) in my opinion. Besides, now I need to find my authenticator. It’s amazing how many things you lose when you clean your room. Hey, it was messy, but I knew where everything was, damn it!


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