Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone…

I’m posing a question to my fellow bloggers: Is your blog a secret?

Whether it’s in your day-to-day life outside WoW, or in your guild, do your friends and family know you keep a small corner of the internet for your ideas and thoughts about a video game we play?

My parents found out about my blog.

 Well, at least not voluntarily from me. Let me tell you, I have the most persuasive (and often scary) step-dad in the entire world. I inherited my video game dork-ness from him, and my book nerd-ness from my dad. I was destined to be nerdy. Anyway, a few days after I started writing this blog I accidentally mentioned something about  a piece I’d written about WoW. Now, why I would do that I’m not sure. I think it’s because I can’t keep my mouth shut, but that’s another story. Well, after coercing me for several hours I gave in and told him my website name. Lo-and-behold the subsequent conversation my Mother and (actual) Father had about me over dinner with my boyfriend, sister, and two half-brother:

Dad: So, now that you have your own computer can I delete all that World of what-craft whosywhatsit from mine? It keeps trying to update every time I start it up.

Me: Yeah, sure I–

Mom: Did you know Kate writes a gaming blog about her world of warcraft stuff?

Dad: A blog?

Mom: Yeah, a blog. But I forgot the website name. What is it Kate?

Me: Uh..well you wouldn’t understand anything because—

Mom: Your right, I didn’t! It’s like another language! I want the five minutes I spent reading it back.

Me: Well thanks Mom, that makes me feel great.

Dad: What is it Kaity?

Me: What is what?

Dad: The name of your blog, I want to read it, maybe I’ll understand more than your mother.

Me: Well…look Dad, you really don’t want…

I eventually told him the name, which he subsequently forgot 5 minutes after our BBQ arrived. Crisis averted.

However, family members dissecting my writing isn’t what I’m really worried about when people start to read my blog. Guildies are mainly an issue. I’m lucky in that most of my guildies either A) Really cool, and generally amused by my writing (Here’s looking at you Om, Mond, and McGinnis), B) Don’t want anything to do with reading blogs because they don’t care about anything but their ret paladins or C) Have become incredibly interested in the fact that I run a blog, and have made it their life goal to make me “famous” (Here’s lookin’ at you Aiex…). Generally if there is drama it’s not related to a particular person when I write about it, and I don’t think I’d ever be one of those people who make lists of terrible players they know to broad cast around the interwebz. You’ve got to be a real menace to society to get your name smeared on my blog. I’m talking about kitten punting, baby snatching, pally flaming sociopath menace.

However, I’ve been seeing lots of accounts of people causing the drama monster to erupt in the form of gquitings, gkickings, and lots of rumors swirling sometimes from simple miscommunications.

My guild knows about my blog. That causes me to censor myself more that I would if I was writing anonymously. I think that’s a good thing: it lets me see a more balanced view of a subject and it pushes me to understand several points of view in an attempt to be more unbiased. Now and again I get angry and need to write something to cool off, but those are the posts I most often find myself unsure about releasing into the internet. It’s like releasing an animal back into the wild. You can’t be sure if his fellow creatures will accept him, or that he won’t turn on you and bite your face off after you let him out of his cage.

So, my fellow blogging friends, do you broadcast your blog about your guild and life outside WoW, or do you remain anonymous in your adventuring?



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7 responses to “Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone…

  1. My blog is not a secret any more. My wife and a few friends know about it. Of course that has caused me to censor the content I put in. Any ways I am not a “Dear Diary” kind of person so it won’t matter much.

  2. My mom is an occasional character on my blog, so I would be mortified if she found out about it! Plus she doesn’t approve of my gaming at all. If she realized how much time I really waste on WoW-related stuff, she’d disown me. I’m not shy about my blog with my IRL friends, though. They expect me to do weird things like blog about video games.

    I wrote about my guildies and my blogging recently, but yeah, my blog is soooo not a secret. I didn’t join the right guild for blogging secrecy! But since my guildies are used to being blogged about, they’re great sports about it.

    • I read that post, it was great! Can I just say how jealous I am that you get to raid with Matticus?! Talk about healing jackpot.

      My mom is also an occasional character. She knows all about my gaming…like I said I can’t keep my mouth shut. Something wonderful/mortifying happens in game I can’t but help tell her. It’s a weird condition, because she won’t understand anything.

      Also, sidenote: Go see Alice in Wonderland. It’s awesome.

      • Well, if you ever find yourself in the position of searching for a new guild, we do recruit at times ;D

        I do talk about my gaming and “the people I game with” with my family at times, but I try to keep it as limited as possible since I know how much my mom hates my gaming.

      • I just drooled a lot when I read about you guys recruiting. Heh, but totally just kidding, because that would be so weird if I did that…

        I absolutly loved your GMs post about you. It’s funny to remember reading all your blog posts about how nervous you were and then to hear your GM mention them and how much you’ve improved.

        If surge doesn’t work out I’ll head your way, it would be awesome to heal with my blogging inspiration 😛 But we seem to be doing much better than anyone expected of us–we downed 25 dreamwalker wend. after only three attempts. Mainly because our resto shaman pulled 28k HPS kicking my 20k in the face, haha.

  3. My mom has a vague idea that hubby and I play a video game, but has absolutely no idea that the video game has a larger social aspect. She can barely wrap her brain around the fact that we’re playing with OTHER PEOPLE.

    Now, as for the guild, I’ve told a couple of guildies, but they’re not really much of the “read the forums” sort of folk so I can’t imagine they’d be that interested in my blog. Nonetheless, I’ve scrubbed the blog of any reference to our server, guild, etc, so that nobody knows who we are. I don’t think it would be very nice to say “so and so screwed up last night” to the WORLD, but it’s perfectly fine to mention the nameless “warlock” or “shadow priest” as an illustrative example.

  4. *points to Crankyhealer’s post* That. I’ve mentioned I play a game online with other people across the world in a vague fashion, but I get the feeling my folks just wouldn’t get it. My dad might, maybe…dunno. So to also mention I have a blog about said game and talking about all manner of stuff they’d just boggle at, nah. I have some RL friends that actually got me into WoW, so I’ve mentioned in passing I have a blog, but it’s nothing that I point to and go “Here, check it out!”

    Some of my guildies know I have a blog (found via another guildmate who blogs), but I’ve not gone out of my way to go tell folks. I’m not hiding it though. If someone said “Hey, anyone in the guild have a blog?”, I’d answer in the affirmative and let em know where it is. I’m not ashamed of anything I post and I try to keep in mind that at any time, a guildie may come across my words. I aim to be tactful in my postings.

    I’ve seen the various posts across the blogosphere and for some folks, I can understand there’s a fine line they need to be mindful of. For me (so far), I’m just not posting things I think need second-guessing. Like Cranky, if I was referring to a screw up or an issue I had with someone, I’d keep it generic “one guildie did thus” or “a shadow priest went and did such and such” and try to phrase criticisms constructively. If I just had to go and rant, I’d surely post warnings and STILL not name names because I’m just not like that.

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