Oh fine, the Resto Druid is the hero.

First Dreamwalker...healing...on ten man
We finally got the Dreamwalker fight down last night! After only three more attempts we managed to heal her to full and get our ten man to 10/12 ICC progression. Although I would love to take credit for this, I can’t. I managed to lose my stacks (only time all night, bummer it had to be the one we downed her on, heh) on the second to last portal. I think playing with the other portal healer in the same room really helped us recover from that. As soon as I started yelling profanities to the sky because I’d lost my stacks, Punch told me to stay out and raid heal while he went in the next portal and finished the boss off because she was at 90% to full. It worked really well, she was up in few seconds after he jumped out of the last portal, and no raid members died (I like to think because I helped, but our new resto druid was really amazing as well. Talk about feeling useless!) unfortunately nothing good for me dropped and we actually had the loot going to offsepcs. Sigh, oh ten man you are a cruel mistress of the loots.


We gave Sindy a shot, but I don’t think most peoples hearts were in it. For it being a “progression” group a lot of people certainly wanted to go farm Festergut and Rotface for badges. We had the cleanest Rotface kill I think I’ve ever seen, and then moved on to Putricide. We had two new recruits, a hunter and resto druid, who had never done the fight before, but for all that we managed to get him to 4% (!) before people had to leave at 11. I hate that alchemical bastard.


I want to say thanks to everyone involved in the Dreamwalker fight, congratulations to us! Especially thanks to our two new recruits Zald the resto druid, which is spelled incorrectly because his “a” has an accent over it (if anyone can tell me how to make an accent over an “a” in WordPress that would be great), and Caliberr the hunter who did their first 10-man with us! Thanks for joining us guys!


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  1. Resto Druids are always around to save silly pallies. Just ask Punch.

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