One step forward, fall down hill.

You know the old saying “One step forward, two steps back?” Well for me it’s “One step forward, fall on face.” More about the falling part later, but for now:

You’re looking at (reading at?) the newest guild assist of Surge, and Raider in charge of recruitment! After our GM made a few core-members guild assist (basically junior officers) last week he asked me to help be in charge of recruitment for the guild, along with the website. I’m very excited about this (!) and if anyone out there has tips on how to recruit good players that would be so helpful. We’re looking for almost everything right now, including at least one Priest healer (Oh Codi it’s so on!) and a few good tanks. I made a spread sheet this morning for all the raiding members of Surge, and who shows up etc. So now I have a good idea of what we’re looking for.

It’s a week of “new” in the life of Pheadra– new hair cut, new officer position, new challenge of recruiting. Hopefully this won’t consume my brain to much, although I did manage to spectacularly fall when I was walking to the library this afternoon because my mind was in a galaxy far, far away (is that a terrible reference because I’ve never seen Star wars?) and I bruised my palms and literally gouged a hole in my knee. Not a cut, a HOLE. I’m such a baby when it comes to falling, especially when I fall into mud. Any who, off to go make more spreadsheets and lists!

EDIT: Title was totally written like a facebook status…my bad.



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6 responses to “One step forward, fall down hill.

  1. Grats! On your guild assist position I mean, not falling down and putting holes in yourself.

    Good luck with recruitment! I’ve always found that to be the hardest task in guild leadership. I get some sort of sick pleasure from yelling at slacking guildies, but convincing strangers to join us scares me.

  2. Codi

    amg, hands off my priests! XD Actually, we just got this incredibly priest who is also incredible on his Tree alt, which makes me very happy. But I’m still looking for another. :/ Priest seem to be really -rare- right now!

    And grats on the extra responsibility! ;D

  3. Recruiting is one of my least favorite things. Luckily, we have gotten most of our raiders through connections with our current raiders. I’ve had good luck as well with the server forums to see who’s looking and to be able to do my homework on them before ever talking to them.

    Good luck with it!

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