Dreamwalking in a Nightmare

I never thought I’d say this but…I hate the Dreamwalker fight! Not because of mechanics or anything, I love those. But those stupid orbs are so aggravating it makes me want to pull my hair out. We spent a good 2 ½ hours in there last night and didn’t down her. We had a resto shaman healing outside the portal, Punchileno with his resto set going in the portals, and myself also going in the portals. It would work pretty well until the adds starting going nuts. We were consistently wiping around 5 minutes, except for one time we got her to 97%. And then we died. AHHRG!!

 Sunday night we’re going back in there and I want to kill this bitch! Oh, wait, excuse me HEAL her. That’s confusing. It seems to less angry when you say “Man! I really want to heal this dragon!” I’m going to be equipped with a Glyph of Seal of Light and possibly some other different ones and a Holy/ret spec to see if that works any better.

 I’ve learned several things in this fight, chief of which is that I don’t know how the DPS takes the verbal beating we give them. I almost wanted to cry when we wiped on 97% because I knew if I hadn’t lost my stacks on the second portal we would have gotten it *sniff*. For your sanity guys don’t beat yourself up to much if you lose your stacks. Yes, that is the most important mechanic you need to master, but mastering things takes practice and losing your stacks when you’re just beginning isn’t something to berate yourself over. It’s like a DPS not getting inoculated on Festergut—yeah it may wipe us if you die, but yelling at everyone like a hooligan doesn’t help anything.

 Also, mad props to our outside healer. He was getting almost zero help from Punch and myself and still managed to keep everyone alive until people started taking stupid damage.

 Speaking of stupid damage, do everything in your power to avoid taking damage. Your outside healer is going to rip your face off if you stand in a circle that blasts you into the air, or if you are on interrupts and you don’t catch those frost bolts because you’re off doing something else. Each one of those frost bolts is a huge amount of damage and a slow, which will cause your portal healers to lose their stacks if it doesn’t get dispelled before they go into the portal. Incidentally, Holy Paladins don’t for get about Hand of Freedom. Cast it on yourself when she finishes her speech about the portals spawning and you should be good until the portals open. That has saved my stacks many a time.

 If you guys have the resources I suggest going and gemming up a full spell power set for this fight. Gosh, I’d never thought I’d say that. A holy light set will work okay, but the fight is going to be so much faster with huge amounts of spell power. No matter what you are wearing gear wise always pop a Flask of the Frost wyrm. You want throughput on this fight not mana regen.

 My highest HPS for all of our attempts last night was 17k. I’m only mildly pleased with that, because I feel I should be doing at least 20k. When I can do that easily I will be happy. Until then, it’s off to go watch more strats and read about how other Holy Paladins succeeded in this fight.



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3 responses to “Dreamwalking in a Nightmare

  1. I’ve only done that fight once. I’m terrible at it, I’m slow at flying around I couldn’t keep my stacks at all. During each portal phase, I’d pick up 4 orbs while my pally partner would have 8, then I wouldn’t be able to find an orb to grab before the portal phase ended so I’d lose my stack, QQ. I totally blame my partner for stealing all the orbs.

    I haven’t seen it on 10 man yet, I’m hoping its easier to get that stupid buff.

    • Nope, it’s not. I was picking up between 4-6 orbs every time, and I lost my stacks about every second fight. Sometimes if I got lucky I could go two fights without having my stacks being knocked off. Lol, the druid with me was having the same problem you were where he wasn’t getting a stack at the end so he was loosing them. He blamed me xD

      Ugh, I’m QQing so hard! I feel like telling myself to shut up, lol.

  2. Codi

    You’ll be wiping at about the 5 minute mark as the adds are the “soft enrage” on this fight. We actually run 4 healers on that fight for 10 man and 7 on 25 man. (We have one of the tanks on 10 man go Holy and two off-spec healers switch to healing on 25.) We then stagger the amount of people going into the portals, since it gets harder and harder to heal on the outside. Like, for 10s at first it’s just me on my Disc priest outside while the rest go in. Then about 2 portals later the shaman stays out with me, while the druid and the healadin keep going in to heal like whoa. Once they get some really good stacks, we blow Heroism and they stay out and just heal like mo-fos.

    I’m not very good at getting the orbs, either, on 25-man. *sighs* The other healadin did 29.4k HPS (I KNOW) and I only did 20k. *cries* Stupid orbs not popping…

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