I want your loot and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance.

Loot drama. Everyone knows about, a few of us have even been unfortunate enough to be personally effected by it. Every loot system out their has it’s down sides, from the basic /roll, to loot council, to DKP or Suicide Kings. Depending on what type of players you have, the content you clear, and the atmosphere of your raids you may encounter a little or a lot of drama. Everyone who is reading this has lost a piece of loot they wanted. While getting loot isn’t nearly as difficult as the original 40 man days, finding that shield or trinket you want can still be a challenge, especially when every other healer who uses said item wants it. This does not in any way shape or form give you the right to have a melt down in raid. Personally, anyone who /nerdrages about loot in the middle of an already tender raid has lost my respect. Talk to your officers, explain to them the importance of said item to you, or you can wait for the next time it drops. Now, when I say “tender” raid, I’m referring to some very sad business that has affected my new guild recently. Last Monday night our two Guild leaders/Raid leaders and our main tank switched servers without any warning to the rest of us. So, come Tuesday night we were down several healers, both main tanks, and a few DPS who has jumped ship after the abrupt departure. We managed to get it together enough to appoint two new raid leaders (one of whom happens to be my boyfriend) and pull 25 people in for our raiding night. We did the weekly, VoA 25, and got to the Gunship Battle without any hiccups, most of us crowing about how proud we were to manage to pull it together enough to keep up with out raiding schedule. 

Ah, but loot drama creeps in through your window and hides in the shadows until you think all is okay then *zap* springs into action! We had Althor’s Abacus drop for the third week in a row, and I linked for it (we use Loot council, where you link the items you want to replace with the drops, instead of rolling for it. Then the officers drop down to a private vent channel and vote on who gets the item). I was looking to replace the Ephemeral Snowflake and to see how well this trinket worked for my class (Yes, I am looking to do an article on it as soon as I get more practice with it!). I rolled against a shaman and two priests. The shaman wanted to replace the Sliver of Pure Ice, which I considered to be a good trinket for a shaman. But, I know very little about Shaman, and couldn’t judge for myself. Surprisingly I got the trinket, thanked the raid leaders, and then promptly went to go use the rest room while we waited for one of our healers to come back from picking his girlfriend up from work.

When I got back, another healer I had rolled against had left the raid and logged off. Confused I asked Punch what happened, and he explained that she had gotten upset about me getting the trinket, because I had received a piece a week ago. I didn’t feel to badly, this raider had caused problems in my last guild, and I didn’t feel that the trinket from such a loot pinata needed to be so harshly contested. We downed Saurfang, called it a night, and I went to go run a random for my frost emblems.

Apparently, this raider felt differently than me, took her alts out of the guild, yelled at the new officers for about forty-five minutes, and when they wouldn’t put in a ticket to take the tinket back and give it to her, promptly got her mother to start screaming in guild chat about my being a “bitch” and many other highly dramatic statements that got very annoying very quickly. After loosing so many raiders that day, the officers dealt more gently with this extreme nerd explosion than might have happened on any other regular day, especially because the boyfriend of the upset woman is a very enjoyable player, a very good DPS, and a reasonable person who wasn’t having anyof this nonsense. Eventually enough people got tired of it and the mother was kicked from the guild, although the actual player had remained silent throughout this part of the saga.

One can always hope that it ends there, but alas, said mom decided the offense was terrible enough to park her butt into trade and yell about the guild, the loot system, the staff she lost because she /rolled for offspec instead of linking for mainspec, and a necklace I had won in our last guild. Thankfully, no one on trade was very interested tonight and decided to spend their time wondering if you could get more loot from a loot council if you slept with the officers.

After the inital shock over such small piece of loot that wasn’t even a drastic upgrade, I began to find this all very funny. Why do resto shaman women always have issues with me? I swear it’s only the girls, I’ve never had an issue with any of my male resto friends.

What I’ve learned from this:

This was a new experience for me, so I learned several interesting things from a night with more drama than Macbeth.

1) Sometimes it’s not the loot that makes them angry, it’s just the fact that you got the piece over them. Personally, I don’t feel this would have been such an issue if someone else had gotten the loot. Whether or not they were genuinely upset over the loot going to someone else, I don’t know. As I said, this raiders mother had been in a guild with me before, and apparently I’m not as well liked as I though because she had issues with me that she expressed to her daughter. This lead to another trade ‘splosion when I was in class that also helped Roxbury meltdown. Come one people, if you have an issue don’t let it fester. I want to know if you have a problem with me so that this stuff doesn’t interrupt the raid!

2) People just want to yell, they don’t want answers. Trying to calmly point out loot rules does no good when the only response you get is “ya u got what u want an we can all go fuk ourselfs cuz ur a bitch and deserve all the lootz Phea.” Ah, I’m just trying to talk reasonably, stop yelling at me with only partially formed words!

3)You do yourself no favors by yelling like a hooligan. If I was in charge of loot, a person who reasonably discussed their problems with an officer, and addressed it like the adults we are would be much more likely to have my respect and that would go into my decision making process for distributing the items If you’re going to freak out at the smallest provocation then I don’t  feel you’re a long term member, and you’re trying to bully me into getting what you want.

I did end up feeling guilty about taking the trinket after I finished laughing a the unbelievable nature of my night. However, I realized it’s not like I won Trauma, or some BiS mail for shaman. This was such a minor thing to have such a terrible experience over, that it’s not worth feeling bad about. People will react the way they will, often times much worse than they would in a face-to-face situation. The internet brings a safe bubble of anonymity to people; you’re not responsible for your actions the way you would be if this happened at your workplace or school. The freedom this gives to unstable people can unleash some nasty things upon your evening. It’s important not to delve into such insanity yourself, or you become just as bad. It’s just like your Mother said “Honey, you’re better than that, don’t sink to their level.”

Now, for a video I find just a weird as this whole debacle.

Now that that’s done…have any of you had experiences like this? Or am I completly wrong in assuming that this is something everyone goes through, and my raids are just especially crazy?



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11 responses to “I want your loot and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance.

  1. Mondka

    LOL…i find it funny because it almost seems like mother daughter team make loud noises when the other has a problem.

  2. Whenever I read stuff like that, I want to hug every single one of my guildies and tell them how much I love them.

    I’ve seen loot drama before, but never like that! What you described sounds like a daycare!

  3. Codi

    I hate loot drama with a passion. -_- Although with me it tends to be drama caused by other people telling me I should be taking items because they’re higher ilevels, without taking into account the stats on it. Happens -all the time.- Makes me insane.

    Psst… I’ve seen the numbers on the Abacus and it’s terrible for healadins. Just so you know. XD

    Oh, psst again! Trauma sucks for anyone except Trees and Emp. Renew Holy priests. LOL

    • I knew trauma was terrible!! See, I told everyone!

      Hmmm, but the Abacus over the Snowflake? That was my thinking. For fights like Festergut and Blood Queen where it’s two tanks taking damage I thought it might be more useful.

      • Mondka

        Give it to me. Tree needs. Lol

      • Haha, oh mond. Now that we’re guildies again we can rock the healing like never before! Just get there before we finish ;D

      • Codi

        I’d say no to it in anything but a PvP setting. Other than that, it should be firmly in the hands of a raid healer. I’ll try and get the concrete numbers for you, but it’s pretty bad. The Snowflake is at least mana regen for you. You’d be much better off running with the Triumph badge trinket and the Frost badge trinket, though.

  4. I can understand people being upset about a loot situation, because it seems most DKP systems have their drawbacks for someone. But to take to yelling in vent, guild or trade, to slander someone (or a guild) publicly smacks of immaturity or anger management issues. Why do people have to be so ungracious and vicious over pixels? I mean, it’s not like you rubbed it in the upset guildies face and went “Nyeah, nyeah, look what I got! Hey guildies, look what I got! Oh, let me share this in trade and general too! I GOT LEWT!”

    Unless someone’s rolling on something they have pretty much NO business rolling on, I don’t get to worked up over stuff like that. I may grumble on the *inside* if someone rolls on an item that’s a bigger upgrade for me vs them or is more suited to my class/spec, but I wish them well and hope it drops again later. And I move on.

    Sorry for your dramaz. I hate it when drama happens. With a firey burning passion that knows no bounds.

  5. Ominous

    Ah the two headed drama monster that is (name removed to protect the psychotic) and her daughter. Let us recap the mother’s exploits first as to why we did not like raiding with her. And the Top 5 reasons are…..

    1. 10 man TOGC – Could not grasp the concept that on Gormok, fire is not a buff. Let’s stand in it, I’m cold, it’s warm…huh, I’m dead? For the 5th time? Bad healer!
    2. 10 man TOGC (Cont) – Did not DPS the Pain Maiden (I call my Ex-wife the same thing) Portal because she “Couldn’t See it” Really? You couldn’t see that 20 foot tall portal with the Amazon woman with a gigantic Head dress on her head that was 10 yards from you? Oh, but you did see her pile drive your ass 10 feet into the ground. And the fact that two of them are now running around brutally raping the raid like a bunch of cracked out WWE wrestlers isn’t your fault. Bad Healer!
    3. 25 man TOC – Thought that the Horde faction champions were the raid group, decided to stand next to the TAUREN warrior (because we have those in an Alliance group, we just haven’t told anyone, he defected.) And then wondered why he cleaved her in two. Systematically wiping the raid, and pissing off 24 other people. This lead to our guild raid leaders and officers banging their already brittle heads on their desks and keyboards screaming “Why God, Why???!!” Again Bad Healer!
    4. 10/25 man TOC, TOGC, all the TOC’s…The 40 foot Snow Yeti named Icehowl…Yeah, when he targets you, they don’t give you that speed buff to STAND STILL and admire how cute and cuddly he is before he bashes you, and your 10 closest friends into a wall, turning him bright red (he’s embarrassed evidently). What? I have to move? To hell with that, I don’t move in fights, I stand and throw Arcane missles, that is my job! I remember maybe once her successfully moving out of the way. The ground under my feet later became ice cold, and this guy that was all red, with horns and pitchfork was selling snowcones outside, I found it odd. You get the pattern…Bad Healer!
    5. 10 Man ICC – Do I know what the word “Kite” means, yeah, that’s something that kids play with? Oh, you mean it’s what I have to do to the adds…I thought I was just supposed to stand there getting brutally assaulted and giving Saurfang more Blood Power, he was low, he needed it! But, Bad Healer! Too much overhealing!

    As you can see, no fault of her own of course, it was always because Phea wasn’t healing her, or overhealing too much. I heard a good rule once, Don’t bitch about pally overhealing if the raid lives, overhealing is a lot less terrible than not getting healed at all, which, if you bitch about their overhealing, will likely be what happens to you next.

    Now, I can only imagine the ball of fun her daughter was to raid with, thankfully never having experienced it first hand, my only experience with her was getting harassed across her 5 toons as I kept ignoring them, listening to what a terrible healer Phea is (This coming from someone who never, ever raided with us, listening to the opinion of a woman who was my main focus of #’s 1-5 above). When she became verbally abusive and vulgar, I ignored her, and it took my threat of submitting screen shots and a harassment ticket to Blizzard to get her to finally stop. I then developed the opinion that those people who have that hard of a time functioning in real life (yes, mother daughter tandem I’m looking at you) then a game that allows you to put reality aside yet still deal with people really isn’t for you.

    The simple point in all this being, well, a few points. One, this sort of drama doesn’t belong in any guild, on any server, anywhere in this game. We’re for the most part, adults, and I’ve seen adults act slightly less childish than my two kids, both under the ages of 7. It’s a game, grow up.

    Lastly, loot…In my opinion, if you die to a boss for a stupid reason that is no one’s fault but your own, be honest with yourself enough to say “You know what, my fault, I’m not rolling on this piece, I’ll wait.” Because likely, it will drop again, and maybe next time you won’t die 4 seconds into a fight after doing 2000 damage. If you live, and you don’t win the piece, oh well, again, it will drop later.

    I’m stepping off my soap box now.

    • Nice soap box Omi.

      Haha, I never knew she complained about me THAT much. Clearly I should go cry in a corner and stop playing a healer…maybe I should roll a mage? I hear they’re impervious to fire and angry bosses don’t find them delcious at all!

      My rule for listening to people complain about healing (unless you’re dead): If you haven’t healed the fight don’t complain about things on the meters. Besides the fact that meters, while they may be DPS’s bosom buddy, scorn healers and innacuratly present them. Like a jaded ex-girlfriend. Even if you played a healer in Vanilla or BC you’re out of the loop now and your former class has gone through several disticnt changes.

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