Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Your screen is the equivalent of your eyes in a raid– it’s how you see your character, what your character sees, it flashes at you when there are dangers, and it shows you what you’re doing well and what you’re doing poorly.

Makes sense then that we need to have a fairly uncluttered user interface. Imagine trying to drive with a kaleidoscope in each of your eyes! You would hardly be able to see to avoid that pot hole, or that tree that just sprung up in the middle of your road! Those pesky trees…

Recently I’ve been working to de-clutter my UI and to find the best addons available for me. Mad props to Codi at MoarHPS who has to raid with no addons. You’re a better healer than I am!

I think I’ve tried most of the addons out their for holy paladins. They are few and far between, by the way. I’ve done BeaconCountdown, Power Aura Classic, Healbot, Clique, and a few others I cannot remember. Usually I like them for a few days (the thrill of a new toy) but then their annoying interfaces, difficulty configuring them to my needs, and the fact that some of these just don’t fit with my playing style usually sends me on the search for a new addon to fullfil my desires.

 Now, keep in mind, I am far short of a computer engineer. I’m far short of your local 14 year old who has taken a computer class. I’ve tried classes, tried to teach myself, almost bought a “Computers for Dummies” equivalent a few weeks ago. The fact of the matter is that electronics just break around me. Some of them are my fault (I stepped on my first laptop…that was quite painful), but others simply happen. My boyfriend jokingly calls my lap top the “Living on borrowed time top.” So addons that require me to know how to work my computer beyond “click here” “type this” “move this” are beyond me. The one’s I use now are very simple and user friendly, and don’t require  to much thought. I like my addons like I like my movies–well done and they don’t make me cry at the end.

Above is my UI. I have yet to take a picture when we’re in a raid, but the boxes on the screen show you where the raid-only adds will appear. I’ll go through what each number represents below.

1) This is where the members of my group go. I use X-perl unit frames for this. I recently made the switch to x-perl so I could resize the part members portraits, and I wanted something more streamlined versus the original WoW unit frames. My buffs go under my portrait, and I have it set to show the target everyone is selecting. I’m trying to get better about using this– it helps to know who is healing who.

2) My target is here.

3) My focus target goes here. I use many /focus target macros for my beacon and sacred shield casting so I don’t have to click anyone to change who they’re cast on. I have 3 of each type (beacon and sacred shield) so that each possible tank in 25 mans has their own macros.

4) This is my Grid. It’s what I use for seeing my whole party and their health. I do not use the clique part of grid. I just click and cast on whichever little square I’m supposed to stop from dying. I can see the clique part working very well for someone like a druid or a priest, but I prefer to click on the name to get the job done. I’m not HoTing so I don’t need to be as fast, and I just end up confusing myself if I use something like a mouse over macro.

5) I keep Omen threat meter here. I find omen a really useful tool for a healer who has threat reducing abilities. Having a druid Boyfriend who is constantly pulling aggro on trash I can watch and make sure that he or that one ret paladin isn’t going to kill themselves by aggroing everything to their face. Grid handles this well too, but seeing the percentage can be helpful. I keep it small, and you can only see about the top three or four aggroies. It’s an “incase of multiple people with aggro” emergency addon.

6) Ah, now this is my new favorite toy, called (the most unpronounceable name) clcbpt. Like I said, I’ve tried a lot of things to help me keep track of my cooldowns. This one has done the job by far the best. It fulfills the simple requirement; I downloaded it and as soon as I logged on and began casting my BoL and SS it kept track of them without any adjustments by me. I went in through the WoW interface options and easily adjusted the placement, color, and size of the bars. My eternal thanks goes to Chase Christian of The Light and How to Swing It from for recommending this to holy paladins everywhere!

7) The square in the middle of my UI is where Clcbpt shows a image of the spell that’s expiring along with and accompanying “bong” sound. The image is the exact same image as the one that is on your spell.

8 ) Oh, PallyPower, how I do love you. Every paladin should have this addon. Every single one of us. If I have the pleasure of raiding with you and you allow the gods of blessing choas to step in our raid by not having Pallypower I will kill you  strongly recommend that you acquire this addon before I kick you and never raid with you again begin getting yelled at by angry rogues who want might and kings and not wisdom or sanctuary. We paladin’s have many buffs to coordinate, and you’re doing yourself no favors by not being able to simply click on the little button that your raid leader sets up. Paladin’s are the only class that can take so long to figure out who is supposed to buff what that the buffs will have run out by the time everything is settled.

Other Addons I use:

Sexymap— Keeps my map nice and sexy ;P. No, really, it’s nice to have all the mini-map buttons hidden in combat. It also gives you the options for cool frames and effects, not to mention diffent shapes. One of my favorites I would totally use if I was a druid surrounds your map with these glistening, see-through green leaves.

Deadly Boss Mods— A required addon to raid with my guild, I would use it even if it wasn’t. It helps me choose the correct time I need to BubbleSac, or use my wings because I can look up and see “meteor fists/ Pungent Blight/ tantrum” in X seconds. It will also yell at you when you’re standing in something bad for your health.

Bartender 4—  This addon allows me to have all the macros, spells, potions, buffs I use out all at once, beyond the 4 rows of bars blizzard gives us. You can also rearrange the bars any way you want, adding or taking away buttons (up to 12 in a row) and changing the size of the spells. If you’re not a clicker this is great for you– you can still see your spells but you can make them so small they won’t clutter up your screen. I also use this to take away my bag bar, which saves a lot of space. You can just push “B” to bring it up.

Chatter— Another new toy I picked up, chatter lets you change the color and font of any text you see. I can change each channel to have its own color, have it set that whenever someone says “invite” I just click on the word and they get an invite. It’s quite awesome. I now no longer have to type /r every time I want to respond to a whisper. It keeps me in my whisper chat until I type backslash something to get it out.

Recount— I know healing meter are bad, innacurate, and don’t measure your real ability. But I like them. I know where I should be on the meters (whether or not they’re wrong, atleast they’re consistantly wrong) and ever since I downloaded the addon to this addon called Recount Heals and Guessed Absorbs I can now see what my Sacred sheild is absorbing. It also helps to know who is attacking the adds correctly, how much damage someone took, and most importantly which DPS is causing us to hit that enrage timer.

AtlasLoot Enhanced— Being able to see the loot tables in game is incrediably useful. Just don’t accidentally click on the heroic mode when it’s not avaiable yet…if you “query server” to try and see the loot it will automaticly DC you.

Well that is my UI at the moment. No doubt it will change again in the future– I’m always looking for a new fun thing to help me reduce clutter on my screen! If you guys use any other addons that you find incrediably helpful list them in the comments and I’m sure I’ll give them a look over!

Wait, now that I think about it…Where is my peggle addon?!?!



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8 responses to “Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

  1. Ominous

    Having experienced your lack of computer knowledge first hand, and the many /facepalms I have given you secretly while sitting at my desk when computer issues have arisen, while I think of you as a dear friend…if you break this laptop, I’m making Punch give you an etch a sketch for 6 months, if that survives, then we’ll think about getting you another computer. Either that, or buy one of the laptops manufactured for the military, that can be dropped from a height of 12 feet and still work just dandy, completely encased in thick rubber. While they cost around $5,000, might be a worthy investment in your case. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t imagine using Grid without Clique! Although, I guess selecting someone and hitting the keybind does about that same thing.

    Oh and I don’t know if you do this or not, but one of my favorite features of Grid is the aggro warning. Knowing who’s going to pull aggro a second before it happens is sooo useful!

    • When I first got grid I used the clique component. I found that it confused me to much trying to remember which spells were key bound to which mouse + key that I wasn’t healing as well as I could without that part of the addon. I could probably learn to use it if I practiced for a few raids, but it’s not really worth the trouble. Also, finding I couldn’t click on someone and cast something other than what I’d assigned was so annoying!

      The aggro feature is so nice, I use it all the time! Omen helps clarify who has the highest aggro so I know who to bubble or salvation.


  3. Mondka

    I think youjust needed to practice with grid clique more. When I first started I hit the wrong button lots. But now I find I don’t even think about what I am Casting anymore. I am able to keep the tank targeted throughout if need be or even the boss if I want to throw some dps in there. The debuffs offered by grid are also helpful because I know when tanks are switching for impales or what crazypeoe on anub decided to let the little adds hit them 20 times. On an off note I must say that I am left handed and was never able to comfortably use left side of keyboard In the past. I use arrow keys with right hand to move. Clique has helped because I can still use those arrow keys in combination with alt, ctrl, shift.

  4. If I had to get rid of all my addons but one, I’d keep Grid. I can’t live without it and even use it on my non-healers because it puts the raid in tidy little boxes that are easy to see. I don’t use Clique either, because for the longest time I was on a laptop with a trackpad (which kinda defeats the purpose of Clique, no?) and when I got my new computer, I also got a spiffy mouse where I can bind any ability to a few buttons if I want. But really, I just use my number pad. It works for me, s’all I know.

    I’ll have to look up this clcbpt addon. I’ve been looking for something simple to keep track of my Sacred Shield and BoL cooldowns. I tried Zomg Buffs, but it’s just…not working or something.

    • I tried Zomgbuff too, and I was underwhelmed to say the least.

      I’m looking into getting one of those spiffy mice for my boyfriend for our anniversery, got any tips on how to pick one?

      • I didn’t like zomgbuffs either. The concept was good, but it kept exploding and messing everything up. For tracking Beacon, SS and Judgment of the Pure, I use a different addon. I think it’s called something like “beacon of light tracker”, I like that it gives me icons with numbers that I can drag wherever I want.

        For picking a computer mouse, the key is really to read reviews. The Razor Naga is the big hype right now (mine is still in the mail so I have no personal experience with it yet) but some people are intimidated by all the buttons. I’m using the Razor DeathAdder right now and it’s decent, although a bit big for my hand size. I’ve used the Logitech G5 in the past and really like it.

        Ideally you want a mouse with a high dpi and extra buttons. Otherwise, check out warranties and mouse shapes. Razor and Logitech are both pretty good companies. Price wise, I’ve found Amazon to be the cheapest.

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