Shared Topic: What sort of Boss would you be?

 Suffering with sever writers block and a large amount of snow that is making my workplace empty (and very muddy), I happened upon this shared topic that got my wheels a turnin’: As a healer, what kind of boss would I make? Having only started raiding in WoTLK my knowledge of the original raid bosses in fairly limited. However, I did go back and do some of the BC raids just for giggles.

I’d want my fight to be fairly complicated—no one wants to be a loot piñata. What would a boss be without any back story? I have never thought about coming up with a back story for my character before, but now with such an interesting writing prospect before me I can hardly help but wonder what could have driven my character from being a small time healer to a big time boss.

 (Note: I’m fascinated by the Old Gods, particularly Yogg-Saron and his ability to make people insane. His madness not only comes from close proximity to himself, but from the metal Saronite. Those who mine it for too long are known to slip into his madness and kills themselves in an attempt to be closer to their masters greatness.)


 After the fall of Arthas, and the freedom of Azeroth from the domination of the Scourge, Pheadra, a holy paladin who participated in the battle against the Scourge, is commissioned by the City of Dalaran to sculpt a great statue of Arthas before he was twisted into the Lich King, to remind the people of Azeroth that something once so righteous can swiftly turn to darkness if we allow ourselves to become maddened by our need for justice. A dramatic undertaking, and one wrought with emotions as people are reminded that what is precious today may be what poisons tomorrow, Pheadra unwisely chooses saronite as the metal she will use to create the armor of the young man Arthas, believing the deep blue greens will effectively add an eeriness to the piece—this is not a statue of celebration, but one of bitter remembrance– and that since Yogg-Saron has been defeated the metal can no longer extend its influence over her mind.

 Working for many months in near seclusion, alone with hundreds of paintings of Arthas of Loderon, and piles of saronite and jewles, she does not notice her mind twisting into shadows. Azeroth soon after begins to experience strange earthquakes, and volcanoes become more active across the continents that prelude to Deathwings arrival.

 Every week a representative named Fadiran Undrage, from the board that commissioned the statue comes to see her progress. A jealous man who does not see fit that a Draenei should carve such a symbol of memory for the human race. Fadiran despises all races not of human decent, claiming that they seek to usurp the power of the humans from the Alliance and make the Alliance a weak and trembling coalition that will easily bow down to the vicious Horde. He seeks to undermine her ability to the point where she will no longer feel up to the project, and so she will resign in favor of someone who Fadiran deems more suitable.

 Each week when he comes to see Pheadra, Fadiran belittles her work berating everything from choice of metal (her now precious saronite), the expression on Arthas’s face, to the smallest curve of the details in the armor. He continues on saying she has little time, and not enough skill to finish the piece before the council will choose a more suitable artist to create such a great work for the humans. Pheadra loathes his visits, disliking being pressed for time, and her skills doubted. These are such pointless interruptions that tear her away from her precious saronite and the completion of her damned creation. The few words she exchanges with him are sharp and full of malice. The two continue down on the path that ends in only hatred.

 Little do they know that Deathwing’s Black Dragon flight has spies in Dalaran who know of the bitter emotions breeding in Pheadra’s candle lit work room, and Fadiran’s increasingly desperate words that seek to drive her from Dalaran. They choose to work this malcontent to their advantage.

 One night, alone in his rooms in Dalaran, a dark shadow glides into Fadiran’s bedroom while he sleeps. Creeping above his bed, the shadow figure glides through the air above him, coming to rest just above his sleeping face. As he breathes deeply in a dreamless sleep the shadows spiral through his mouth, gliding down his throat until nothing remains of it’s presence except a black stain on his tongue.

 The next evening when Fadiran calls upon Pheadra, he finds her standing in darkness with the finished statue glistening with its own light in the center of her work room. The Holy fire that once lit the dozens of candles around the room has gone out.

 “It is finished,” She says, her voice croaking from disuse, turning her back to him.

“No… It can never be finished by you!” Fadiran yells as he charges at her still turned back, raising a black sword he had hidden beneath his cloak. As he raises his sword to give the death blow, something catches him around his arms, crushing his body against and intricately sculpted metal torso. The statue of Arthas of Lordaeron had risen to protect its mistress, brought to yielding life by her madness and her holy magic.

 Stepping forward coolly to look into the blue-black eyes of the one man who dared come between her and her precious, beautiful saronite, the one man who tried to destroy the greatest gift of understanding given to anyone in thousands of years, Pheadra raised a delicate, bone white hand to stroke his face. Her eyes, once a pure white, now gleamed with a demented green light, flashing as she smiled a cruel smile she had never known before the statue. She brushed her hand over his angry, frightened mouth. A spark danced from her fingers, glittering with destruction as it came to rest upon his tongue.

 Twisted light met darkness in an explosion that destroyed Fadrian Undrage utterly. The force was so great that as it passed through the statue of Arthas it caused it to explode, shooting saronite shrapnel through walls. As there supports are shreaded by magic and shrapnel the walls of her beloved workshop cave in causing the rest of her house to tumbe down upon its mistress. Managing to bubble only a few milliseconds after the unexpected blast, Pheadra is pierced once through her skull by a fragment of her precious saronite.

 Shielded from the worst of the blast, and the after effects of her house crumpling, her holy magic sought to heal her grievous wound and spare her life, as she laid on the floor unconscious. Even in madness and hatred, she was still a healer at heart and her ability to uses holy magic would never be taken away. But, her healing spells were not strong enough to remove the spike of saronite that had buried itself right between her eyes.

That would have been then end of the sad tale of Pheadra if, at that moment, two members of the black dragon flight hadn’t appeared beside the dying Draenei. As her bubble faded, one reached down and picked her up. The other slid the fragment out from her skull. Using the dark skills they had learned from their insane master, the bound Pheadra’s twisted holy magic with there own shadow magic, using the energy to make her body whole, but not her mind. Bringing her with them to their masters domain, it soon became clear that the forces of holy and shadow battled within her mind. They worked in equal part to keep her alive, but if ever one outweighed the other and managed to win the battled between light and dark inside her, she would instantly die, either unbound from the magic that was from her very soul, or from the life saving shadow magic that had remade her broken body.  


*clears throat* Well that ended up being a lot longer than I originally thought.

Well, besides all the historical badassary I just invented, Pheadra as a boss would have three phases. What can I say, I’m a phasey person? Pheadra as a boss would be standing in the center of a raised platform with broken pieces of statues array behind her in a semi-circle. As soon as you engage in combat Pheadra will pop her bubble, remaining stationary in the center of the platform as she begins phase one.

Phase One: Adds will spawn in the shape of the fragments of the statues around her. They’ll come at you in clumps from behind the boss and you have to kill them on top of Pheadra as she tries to heal the adds. If you don’t kill the one she is targeting before her cast gets off they’ll be healed. As you kill the adds they’ll drop Shadownite, a piece of saronite imbuded with shadow power. As soon as you have twenty adds (fifty in 25 man) piled on top of her, five (12 on 25 man) raid members must use their Shadownites and target the dead adds, causing them to explode with shadow magic that will make Pheadra’s bubble vanish, brining you into…

Phase Two: Now turning to the shadow part of her tortured mind, Pheadra will use several abilities during this phase. One, which will need to be interrupted every 30 seconds is called “Shadow Armor”. If this ability does not get interrupted it will cause a random raid member to be encased in Saronite armor which will act as a mind control until you DPS the armor off. The second ability is called “Tortued Darkness” and it will cause 20k shadow damage and a stun if you do not face away from her as she casts it. Whenever Pheadra yells “NO! I must get more time!” She’ll cast a mana drain on a random target that uses mana. This can be dispelled. She’ll also have a soft enrage timer where ever minute she’ll have a 20% damage increase until you bring her down to 50% and into…

Phase Three: At the beginning of phase three only ranged will be able to attack Pheadra because she will call all of the statue fragments in the area to create a gigantic statue of Arthas that she will stand on and cast several abilities. You will have to maintain a ranged tank for this phase of the fight. The first will target the tank and cause a massive amount of shadow damage to the tank while healing all players within ten yards of the tank for 5-10k. The second will be a bolt of energy that will either heal you for 8k or do 8k worth of damage. This ability will be cast every 2 seconds when she is not casting the first ability. Also during this phase melee DPS will have to do damage to the statue of Arthas until chunks of his body begin to fall off. Each chunk will then turn into an add that will spawn several shadow or holy wraiths that will also have to be DPSed. Killing the adds will cause minor damage to Pheadra, because every artist hates to see their work destroyed.

After you get her health down to zero the statue of Arthas will crumple causing her body to fall on the spike of saronite that was inside the statue.

She’ll drop several awesome loots, including trinket for healers and caster DPS called “Paintbrush of the Mad” that, when it procs, will put you in a holy/shadow state (depending if you’re a healer or DPS) that will cut the cost of all your spells by 40/increase your spell power by 500 for 15 seconds. She’ll also drop a pole arm for Feral Kitty Druids with a chance on hit to give you 2 combo points with your attacks for the next 15 seconds (Called “Edge of Saron” named by Punchileno), and a tanking shield that has a chance on block to increase your stamana by 300 for 30 seconds, among other pieces of armor including plate healing bracers (Because I can never get those!!). I’m taking Blizzards wish to use fun procs to heart 🙂

 In the end I think I’d make a pretty cool boss fight. Not sure where I’d be put in Deathwing’s Azeroth, but I’m sure some high ceiling dungeon will be looking for applicants for the position of “Good girl gone bad” Boss. Now where is my resumé…





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5 responses to “Shared Topic: What sort of Boss would you be?

  1. Love it! Wonderful fantastic story and amazingly thought out boss fight. Tell Blizzard someone!

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  3. That is an awesome concept for a boss. I had one much with the same idea, as my Paladin (Khraden) would begin “good” and then turn “bad”, following the story of how my Death Knight (Khrados) was created.

    Paladins have that cool way of being able to go from righteous to falling so far.

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