Surge >Ice Crown Citadale (Mostly)

Here’s an update on 25 man raiding in my new guild:


Lady Deathwhisper– Down

Gun Ship Battle–Down (Duh)




Blood council– Down

Professor Putricide– Going Down soon

Blood Queen– Haven’t attempted


We did all this in one night, with one shots on everything except Rotface. I cannot belive that 25 people can so seamlessly execute something so complicated! Plus, I pretty much had no idea what I was doing for Council. Putricide is really difficult, especially getting him down while killing the adds in a timely fashion. I believe we have 12 attempts left for both him and the Blood Queen.

For me the toughest boss we downed was the Blood Council. Admittedly, I hadn’t watched the videos for the fight, and I don’t do well just from hearing it recited over vent (I tune out, and go AFK and look at my facebook or It’s a terrible habit, I know!). Everyone in the raid spends a lot of time running from target to target, trying to get away from people who are targeted by that huge fireball attack, and something about adds…not really sure because I spent that entire fight going “OMFG where is the tank!?!” and “Get away from that fireball you idiot!” in my head.

No paladin drops as of yet, but when I do the weekly raid I’ll have enough emblems to buy Meteor Chaser’s Raiment! I’m picking that one because it is BiS, and I am not afraid to admit that I like it more than the Tier 10 headpiece because it’s a dress and it looks great on my character. Come on, I’ve got one bright blue chest piece and everything else is the weird purple /gold/brown colors of the ICC ten loot. I look like I got lost in the costuming room of my old highschool.

Next official raid night is Sunday, and hopefully we’ll get that silly Professor deaded. Not really sure about Blood Queen– only one guild on the entire server has beaten her.


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