Purple Pally Monster?

(Above is a video from the vanilla days of WoW, easily one of my favorite WoW songs ever. While it’s not completely relevant to this post because the druid in the song is kind of a butt [And the fault of the paladin’s being butts is mostly Blizzards–at least where this post is concerned], it does a nice job of eluding to the fact that those that roll outside of their armour/spec are generally seen as scum bags. Trust me, with the number of Shaman who will freak when they see the Paladin BiS lists, there will be a Purple Pally Monster song soon enough. )

I’ve checked out the Best in Slots lists lately because, well, now that 25-mans are an option for me now (!!) I will be able to realistically covet those loots.

However, I’m noticing a disappointing trend that has been delivered from the Blizzard Gods…

Plate stuff stinks.

How am I supposed to be the epitome of Holy badassary if I have to run around in mail and cloth pieces?! Not to mention how will I deflect the angry stabbings from priests and shaman when I walk away with their pieces if I can’t be covered in 3 inch plate? Ah, it’s a vicious cycle.

 I’m very fortunate that my new guildies use a Loot council system where you’re allowed to link for any ups that you need. They don’t require you to roll on your highest armor type, which is a big improvement over my old guilds way of doing loot (“Paladins who role on mail and cloth are tools!!” “Yeah, but, you see here. this piece has haste while this piece gives MP5 which will seriously lower my throughput–” “NO!! Don’t touch my loot!!”). Of course armor consideration is still a problem, and I’m always going to be passed over when one of our priests needs the Meteor Chaser’s Raiment, the best in slot chest piece according to Codi from MoarHPS!(EDIT: /facepalm @ myself. You can purchase the chest peice for 95 emblems of frost. But the idea remains the same, when priest pieces have no spirit on them then they are often better than their hasteless plate counterparts). I personally agree with her BiS list over the Best in Slot Holy Paladin resource page, which says that  Mail of Crimson Coins from the Blood Princes is BiS. I guess I just like haste.

Well, lets talk a little bit about haste. Blizzard, bosom friend of mine, do you know that haste makes Holy Paladins happy? Crit makes us smile, but MP5 gets a “meh” from most of us. Now you want us to be happy, don’t you? Then stop force feeding us MP5 you…you…Ahhrgeggha!!!!11!1!! *NERDRAGE*

–Due to technical difficulties, please enjoy this break while we go find Pheadra and stop her from flying to California to scream at Blizzard employees–

 Okay, now that I’m back from my happy place…Most authorities agree that a Holy Pally who focus on a Holy Light build should at least be at the haste soft cap 676 haste rating, which is 20.6%. Holy Light builds are encouraged to shoot for even higher haste, to attempt to bring the casting time of HL down to 1 second.

Taking a look at the Teir Ten pieces, we paladins should be extremely disappointed. Three of the Five pieces give haste: Lightsworn Spaulders, Lightsworn Tunic, and the Lighsworn headpiece. The rest give MP5, Crit, and Spellpower.

 Unfortunately, the headpiece (who’s item level 264 T10 upgrade is Best in slot) gives 2 less haste than the 245 piece. Now, I don’t want to make mountains out of mole hills here, but come on, these are supposed to be ups! We’re having to sacrifice what small amount of haste we can scrape from the regular 251 and 245 pieces for one of only three pieces that even give haste in the T10 set? Yes, I know that the piece has more intellect, spellpower, etc. than its T9 counterpart, but I can’t help but feel that our class is  misunderstood when we have to spend 95 Emblems of Frost, which are so painful to get, for something that isn’t going to be a complete upgrade until we can get into a 25 man group and get lucky enough to be given that token.

The fact that only three out of the five pieces means that I won’t be looking to get my four piece bonus for any reason. Luckily the two piece is still an option, but I’m going to have to take a hit in haste for a while until I can get the upgrade token.

All in all, for me ICC gear is a great disappointment. Having to dip into the limited armour pools for other classes makes me feel like a slime ball., and watching plate piece after plate piece drop and realize that I don’t want anything to do with them makes me a sad paladin indeed.



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3 responses to “Purple Pally Monster?

  1. Codi

    Psst! *whispers* Meteor Chaser’s is bought with 95 Frost off the vendor! 😀

    I’m not actually upgrading any of my T9 until I get the tokens from 25-man. Not worth the money and effort for such a teeny upgrade to me.

    • Thanks Codi, what would I do without people who know more than me reading my aricles! /facepalm

      The T10 pieces I do have are ones that were huge upgrades for me, from 232 pieces to 251. Now that I know that the chest piece is purchased I may take my emblems and get that over the T10 headpeice…ahh but then I’ll have to wait even longer for my 2Piece bonus. How do you feel about the 2 piece?

      • Codi

        I actually really like the 2-piece, although I’m getting the chestpiece before I get the helm, too. 2T10 is a nice little bonus, but in no way a “make it or break it.”

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