Well many things have happened since I last posted. Most relevant to this site is the fact that my former guild has disbanded. When I say “disbanded” our GM (and that term is used very loosely, our Officers ran the guild due to her lack of availability) freaked out and kicked a bunch of us, and then everybody else left.

To my guildies who read this post, I wish you the best of luck with your new guilds. I know we had our problems and our difficulties but I genuinely enjoyed raiding with you folks! If you need a buddy for a ten man, shoot me a whisper, and rest assured that you will all be on my friends lists. I will always consider you my guildies, wherever we end up in Azeroth.

For myself and my druid boyfriend we found a new home in the guild <Surge>, a twenty-five man guild who is one of the top progression guilds on our server. Lucky, huh? We had our trial run last night (well the first of many, I’m assuming) and Punch smashed faces in with his fantastic feral deeps. Me? Well let me just say that the healers in this guild are amazing. Now I know where all the Priests on Trollbane are, hanging out in Surge, being awesome. I haven’t felt so undergeared in a long time, me and my little ten-man outfit. It’s nice that they have two other Holy Paladins so I know what my healing range should be, but…they have two other Holy Paladins, my least favorite class to heal with.

So, the Run Back series will be taking a break for a moment while I figure out if its going to go into a new direction, or whether it’s going to continue at all.

As for me, we have another raid tonight, and I’ll be attempting to figure out whether I can cut it in such a badass guild.



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6 responses to “Razzlefrazzlefrickenfrack

  1. Sorry to hear about your old guild 😦

    And grats on getting into a top guild!

    I was the third holy paladin in Conquest’s 25 man team when I joined and it really wasn’t all that bad. We worked well together in ToGC and it was nice having all those CDs to rotate.

    These days there are two of us holy paladins and I love the other half of team pally to death. At times it’s like he can read my mind. So don’t worry! Healing with other paladins in 25s can be lovely!

    • Hopefully it will work out as well for me as it did for you! I’ve only ever seriously done ten man raiding so the 25s are a new thing for me. I find two holy pallies to be nearly impossible for a ten man group, but it seems to work well for a 25s!

      On Wed Jan 27th, 2010 3:46 PM EST

      • Yeah, 10s are different when it comes to healing teams because you pretty much need a tank healer and a raid healer. When you’re running a 25 man with 5-6 healers you can have more than one tank healer.

        Keep us posted on how things work out!

  2. Trees need Holy Pallys and Cats :-(.

  3. Ominous

    While I’m not here to badmouth anyone from our last guild Phea, I think the implosion was bound to happen eventually. Too many personality conflicts, too many flakes, and just a lot of RL things happening that pulled a lot of people away where holes needed to be filled, I was waiting for Punch to whisper me and say “We’re down a healer, run around with bandages.” So, you’re both on my friends list, while a few from the last guild made it to my ignore list (I love being stalked around Trollbane by certain people’ PSYCHOTIC daughter’s yelling at a DK about pally healing.) and I’ll be talking to you both in game. Good luck on Putricide. – Om

    • You will definitly be on my friends list as well!

      Yeah, it was a long time coming. It had been the perfect stomr of guild implosion for a while now, and it’s amazing we held on as long as we did. There will be certain people I will not miss, but most of them had already left before this happened. I wasn’t there for the death-day drama, but I heard a little bit about it, and that is super lame. Some people are just crazy.

      We need to get together with Mondka and McGinnis and finish ToGC10 for our Tributes!

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