I thought you’d be taller.

I did something exciting today– I met a member of my raiding team at the mall. I found out he lives in my home town and we met up at the lamest mall ever. Most of the stores were going out of business and it was permeated with a hill-billy feel. But, my cousin was having his eighth birthday party there so, I figured we could meet while they jumped around in “Tumble Town,” an indoor play place kind of like those McDonald’s playgrounds.

It was a bit weird. I didn’t know what he looked like and all he knew about me was that I was a red head with a Raven’s jersey (We lost the game D:). Giving random people the once over out of the corner of your eye is always awkward when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Finally this guy with black hair sort of met my eyes as I was cautiously looking at him. Turns out it was Lou, we hugged, and walked around the dying mall for a while. We saw the best (and by best I mean we laughed hysterically) tatoo ever. It was on the lower back of the girl who made my Chia tea. In bright pink script it said, when she bent over, “Crack Kills.” Classy.

This brings me to the really point of this article. Have any of you ever met someone you play with outside of WoW? Putting a face to a voice wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and it was only slightly awkward. I’m a pretty shy person so talking to someone I had never seen before, but had played with nearly every other night for the last year, was an odd paradox. We’re meeting up again next weekend for a movie and some poker with our respective others (Punchileno, my druid boyfriend, was sick and couldn’t come home with me this weekend), which should be fun!

I’m sure there are plenty of awkward stories out there that you guys have about meeting WoW friends in real life. If I get enough of them it might be a fun idea for a weekly column!



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3 responses to “I thought you’d be taller.

  1. I love meeting guildies! There’s something magical about when that voice you hear night after night on vent finally gets a body.

    It is funny how you can recognize the person instantly, even if you’re not sure what they look like. That’s been my experience as well.

    I do have some really, really crazy meetup stories, but unfortunately, none of them can be told in public.

  2. Mondka

    woohoo NOVA’inians.

  3. Mondka

    Ignore previous comment, I must silly as your from the burgh right?

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