Alright, everyone lets flask up and get going.

Hmm, but which flask do you choose? As a Holy Paladin you’ll find yourself with two distinct choices, [Flask of the Frost Wyrm] and [Flask of Distilled Wisdom]. The frost wyrm will give you +125 spell power for one hour, and the Distilled wisdom will give you +65 intellect for one hour. Whichever flask you choose generally depends on what your style of healing is (Flash of Light style versus Holy Light style), what you feel you need more, and also which one you perceive as giving you more benefit.

Personally, I always choose [Flask of Distilled Wisdom] for several reasons. One, it’s generally less expensive than frost wyrm. Two, in my opinion the +65 int is worth much more than the +125 spell power because the intellect does not only add to your mana pool, but it gives you an increased spell crit chance, and it does give you some spell power. I’m not going to try to lay claim to the excellent mathematics that are about you be brought to you. All the credit goes to Codi at MoarHPS! And their post Intellect– why it’s that good for Healadins. Their post was created for geming, so the numbers won’t be the same, but as a general idea of what ten points of intellect will get you spell power wise:

“10INT = 2.42SP

10INT = 12.1INT with Divine Intellect and Blessing of Kings

12.1 * .2 = 2.42SP with Holy Guidance “

Crit wise:

“10INT = .07259% crit

10INT = 12.1INT with Divine Intellect and Blessing of Kings

12.1 INT / 166.66667 = .07259%

Well after the “Zomg, no math genes!” thought I just had I’ve decided that I’m not going to horribly butcher these lovely formulas with my art student math. You get the idea however: Intellect will give you spell power (2.42 SP for every ten points of int) and crit (.07295% per ten points of int) and with Divine Plea it also increases the amount of mana you regen. All in all the idea that intellect is the best stat for Holy pallies continues into the flask department.

 There are some draw backs to using Distilled Wisdom, however. I find myself having to defend my flask choice a lot in raids that I pug (“No, actually, Mr.Resto Druid, intellect is a better stat for me than spell power because…”) not only because the flask trade-off seems unbalanced (“125 SP for 65 Intellect, pfft you’re out of your mind.”) but it is a Burning Crusade flask, so it seems out of date. They can also be hard to find because the alchemist needs to be exalted with the Cenarion Expedition, the mats are level 70 herbs which are not as frequently farmed, and really only Holy Paladin’s will be using this flask at level 80.

Now, I’m not saying Frost wyrm is the most terrible flask in the world. In a pinch I will take one over not being flasked. However, you do yourself, and your raid, a disservice by not maximizing as many stats you can in one fel swoop. Don’t just take my word for it however, go out and test this! I think you’ll find the switch to be most favorable!



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6 responses to “Alright, everyone lets flask up and get going.

  1. mondka

    Yay distilled wisdom. leaves more frost Wyrm for me. 🙂

  2. While I don’t get people questioning why in pugs, there is always a simple answer. Point them to the healing meters and ask, “How much more do you want me to overheal with that spellpower flask?”

    • I think people question which flask a paladin uses in PuGs because people you’re pugging with generally don’t have as much knowledge of others (or even their own) class. I’ve frequently seen pallys I pug with gem for all SP or some who gem for *gasp* spirit. I’m not going to tell you how to play your class if you can do the job, but when your tank starts dying then I’ll dole out the advice. However, I say generally becasue there are always those well informed players who missed their guild run and do know what to do in raids.

      I’m constantly having this arguement with my boyfriend, who is a druid. Druid as a blanket statement because he does DPS, Tank, and Heal. The “point to the meters” arguement generally shushes him, but it may take me running the two differnt types of flask on two sepreate runs and showing him the data to get the idea to stick. I think he’s stuck in the Druid mindset where SP is really good, and intellect is meh.

  3. Codi

    Hi! Found the link to my blog, so I thought I’d help you out with some math. 🙂

    65INT = 78.65INT with Kings and Div. Int.
    78.65 * .2 = 15.73SP
    78.65 / 166.66667 = .47189% crit
    78.65INT =~ 69MP5

    Hope that helps a little!

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