ICC: Frostbite? Not really.

     This second week that ICC was available to the raiding masses my guild went back Tuesday night at around 10:30 armed with the experience and knowledge for Lord Marrowgar. Unfortunately last week we had only gotten one chance at the second boss, Lady Deathwhipser, but we had gotten Marrowgar down without too much issue. Walking through pulling the trash (Which my Druid boyfriend bemoans while I maintain that it adds an atmosphere to the raid that ToC severely lacked) we encountered more issues that we had with any of the bosses. Yeah, those big skeletons on the sides of the room that look like statues? Nope, they’re actually humongous adds that kicked our asses around the block several times because they would pull an entire room’s trash with them. Not amusing. But we managed to finally down the big adds and after that strolled into Marrowgar’s icy chamber. And we one shot him. This fight is a piece of cake to heal if you have the gear. They nerfed the tank damage to the ground and the shaman I was healing with had no trouble keeping our tanks up (This had been an issue the last week due to the exorbitant amount of damage incoming and our undergeared pally tank’s health pool. Both of those issues were remedied this week). Kudos to our DPS for the way they took down those spikes. Making macros for /target bone spike is something I recommend.

After handing out loot we ran up the walkway to Lady Deathwhisper. It’s true, after phase one the fight is pretty much over. The adds hit pretty hard and it can get confusing when they only take a specific type of damage (i.e. Magic, or Physical). As we were killing the trash before the fight we had our first epic trash drop! Lo and Behold it was a pally healing belt: Belt of the Lonely Noble! It’s a beautiful, beautiful belt, and with three +20 int gems in those slots (extra slot added with a belt buckle) it helped jump my mana up to +33k buffed.

The Gun ship battle is so AWESOME. Well done Blizzard, well done. This fight is entertaining, fun, involving, has a great story, and the mechanics for it are unique and amusing (Come on, a Bear with a rocket pack on his butt? Priceless). We had a few times where the rockets did glitch, mysteriously only making it half way to the next ship causing people to fall to their deaths. After the Horde ship started to go down we also realized that our Paladin tank hadn’t gotten off of the ship and was flying away from us…and away…and further away until the ship just stopped moving and she had to jump to her death. Except she landed in water. /Facepalm. Fatigue eventually killed her and we got our loot, and moved on to the last boss Deathbringer Saurfang.

This fight was frustrating, required great coordination, high raid awareness, and in the end was challenging enough to be more entertaining than any ToC fight even while we were wiping. It took us several tried to get the add control down pat (Our ranged were a Survival Hunter, an Elemental Shaman, a Frost Mage, and an Arcane mage), and it is very important to make sure you have a lot of CC for the adds. I spent a lot of time Hammering adds to stun them when they missed traps or broke out of other CC. The great amount of DPS needed for this fight required us to only use two healers: Me, and my druid boyfriend who has a set for everything druid except for Balance DPS. I stayed on the tanks (with some shocks ready for the DPS) and Punchileno put HOT’s on everything that moved. As a side note, it’s totally lame that druid’s will kick my meters around the block when I heal with them. Sigh, oh well. After we got the adds down we easily killed him with only one Mark of the Fallen Champion coming out.

So congratulations Knight at the Roxbury  for our first full clear of the Lower Spire!

Our group make up was: Prot Paladin, A Prot Warrior, A feral/resto druid, Ele Shaman, Holy Pally, Survival/Marksman Hunter, Arcane Mage, Fire/Frost mage, and two Unholy DK’s (but one that would rather be a DW Frost DK).

Well, those are my impressions on the raid. These fights are easier that I would have liked, but they provided a reason for our raid group to become much more coordinated that we previously were. The mechanics of these fights will ensure that I will stay excited about this part of ICC until the next wing comes out! Good luck to all my raiding readers, go forth and conquer! Arthas a true death a waits you!

Wow, the massive amount of snow is causing me to nerd out. o.O


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