You are disoriented!

Well, as the title says, it’s been a really crazy week! Don’t worry I’m not gone completely. These next two weeks just happen to be my first exam weeks in college and I’m being overwhelmed with projects, and studying, and papers. I’m a little frazzled now (if you can’t tell) and with ICC dropping last night I barely have time to take showers (though I do) or remember to eat (which sometimes I forget…hey I just ate a fish feast, I can’t be hungry! Look it says “Well fed”!). I wanted to give you all an update on guild relations, and my impressions on ICC before I have to go off and do another thirty 20 minute drawings for art. Sigh.

Guild Relations:

We’re proud to welcome back Andraia, Gutz, Alyska, and Praxya members who took breaks to deal with real life situations (example: Getting married, congratulations Alyska and Gutz, I wish you both great Happiness!).

I’d also like to welcome our two newest raiders, just recruited today, Ilunae and Inkyna. A Prot/Holy paladin and a Mage, you’re both very welcome to our raid group!

We also downed Sarth 3D! So now I’m Pheadra of the Nightfall, which is accurate seeing how late we raid.

Ice Crown Citadale:

Alas, we only got about an hour and a half in ICC last night before “Additional instances cannot be launched.” Come on Blizz, you make more money than I’ll ever see in my life, fifty times over, and even I know it’s a bad idea to not be prepared for the amount of people who want to play your game. Well, one can only hope that they’ll fix this soon. As for Marrowgar he’s an interesting fight. Getting used to him dropped our DPS down to about half of what it usually is because of the amount of movement this fight required. His whirlwind is eatable, and we found it simpler to group the ranged and the healers up so that if someone gets impaled they are never out of range of heals or DPS. Our raid group consisted of One holy pally, one resto druid, one resto shammy, one feral (tank) druid, one prot pally, two DK’s (frost 1 hand and Unholy), a survival hunter, an arcane mage, and one Enh shammy. The fires were what was really hurting us on his WW phase. As he does his first spin he spits fire out everywhere which can be hard to avoid. Hopefully, we’ll be able to down him tomorrow!

Well that’s all for now, I’m off to go do more art journals…sigh.

Good luck in ICC!


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