A Storm on the Horizon

This article’s title may be a tad nerdy, but it’s how I feel about patch 3.3 (More commonly called ICC–ice crown citadel). You know the feeling before the big ice storm of the year; everyone is stocking up on toilet paper, water, and food. Except in the case of my guild its enchanting mats, gems, and PTR news. The generally accepted knowledge is that patch 3.3 will drop next Tuesday. I am half looking forward to patch day, half dreading it. For one, it will completely decimate all my addons (or so I fear) and I won’t be able to play for the greater part of the day. However, new gear, new content, and a chance to reinvigorate the raiding experience with some trash (that I did miss, but not to terribly) will certainly be worth whatever wait ensues.

 In answer to A touch of Arcane’s writer Dreaming: yes I am getting ready for ICC money wise–by being completely broke. My guild has asked all of us to be prepared for upgrades with all the mats needed for enchants and gems ready. As one of our DK’s is practically a walking walmart (Seriously, she has ever kind of gem and flask in her bags ever raid, and usually has some spare enchanting mats. There are two differences between her and walmart: I can’t see her being four hundred pounds and wearing booty shorts that say “Juicy,” and she nearly always refuses to let anyone pay her for her items. Sweet girl.) I don’t think we’ll be having a huge amount of trouble with people being like “Oh can you guys just port me back, I want to get this one thing enchanted/gemed…”

That being said, I pity anyone without the foresight to buy their mats now. The after-patch economy is always over-inflated with people trying to scalp others for the most needed items. Flasks, gems, and enchanting mats are going to be terrible. Anyone with half a brain should run to their local auction house now(!) and get whatever they’ll need for the first few weeks of Ice crown raiding.

I feel that another big issue many guilds will be facing is the strat issue that everyone faces when a new raid comes out. One of my fellow raiders nearly refused to come into ToC when it debuted, saying “We should wait for someone else to write the strats so we can read about the fights first.” I’m all for reading about fights before attempting them, but on patch day I just wanna get in the raid and experiment. Nothing is more hilarious then running into a room to discover that the adds you thought were going to be cake actually did something crazy like throw “puppy chow” zombies at you…oh wait that is supposed to be happening in Icecrown. Yup our loveable puppy chow zombies are back in full swing on some of the adds in Icecrown, “Gluth 2.0” as WoW.com’s Matt Low christened the adds. They also do decimate, bringing the health of the raid down to 10%. Wow.com has done an excellent job writing about and organizing a guide for raiders to read. After looking over the authors impressions of the fights and his details about the special abilities that the bosses have, I feel much more prepared for venturing into Ice Crown. Sure, things change from the PTR to the actual game, but it’s nice to know something about the raid I’ll be spending the next several months dying too. I’m going to give you a quick quip about each fight (based off the WoW.com postings) and I’ll link their articles if you’d like to read the whole thing!

Deathbringer Saurfang— He’s going to bleed all over you. And not because you killed him either. He has skills that reduce AoEing, and also he has some large AoE’s. And according to Matt Low he “hate hate hates” this fight. Hopefully Blizz will work on this one before next Tuesday.

Festergut–This guy is hideous and he also smells bad. He releases several phases of gases throughout the raid, and in come cases causing your character to vomit all over your buddies. Yick.

Gun Ship Battle— I can honestly say that I’m really excited about this fight! You’re on a boat, in the sky, with a jet pack shooting cannons at the opposing factions ship and guess who is back to bring the fight some nostalgia? Muradin Bronzebeard!

Lord Marrowgar— Pretty much your basic tank and spank, except he wirlwinds…and a fifty foot high skeleton whirl-winding is a sight to behold.

Queen Lana’thel— Vampire fans around the globe shall rejoice. She puts a debuff on you that requires you to bite other raid members and turn them into vampires. This acts as a soft enrage timer as well, because you can only be bitten one time.

Valithria Dreamwalker— A dragon from the green dragon flight who is trapped in ICC. The only way to free her? Heal her to full health while the DPS battles incoming adds! Finally a fight where it’s up to we healers to save the day!

These are all the bosses Wow.com has written in their Guide to patch 3.3. Another good place to go for up coming information for ICC is the oldie-but-goodie Tankspot.com. They have a Pre-release guide to Ice Crown citadel up which I haven’t looked through yet, but I’ll be sure to read soon and update anything on this article.

Well, I hope you’re stocking up on your toilet paper for this ice storm.


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