Well, I’ve done it again.

     I added another story to our guild raid-flub novel. It happened last night in out 10-man OS zerg run, where we were going for the Of the Nightfall title and Achievement. We used the strat where you have a hunter run in, alone, and pull Sartharion and then Fein Death. Sarth then despawns and it allows you time to get all your raid members in position before he comes in with his fire-breathing, flame walling, drake calling destruction. We used 8 DPS, One tank, and one healer, Me.

The first attempt went really well, we got him down to about 6ok. We had one low DPS boom kin, but due to lack of raiders online we took her along anyway, but otherwise all the DPS was top-notch hovering around 4-6k. We gave it another shot but we were ill prepared for the fire wall from the south and three people got hit by it, which pretty badly gimped us. Still, even with that we got him to around 200k.

And then came the third attempt.

So far I had been very good. The healing was interesting, but difficult, and it was a very nerve wracking raiding strat. But for some reason as I saw our hunter Grap running in autopilot took over and I ran in after him.

“Phea what the fuck are you doing?!”

“Oh Jesus, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

As Sarth rampaged through our little group feeding off the lovely aggro feast I had given him I received a rowdy bashing across vent. Not a mean one, just a “Holy crap are you that special?” talking to from my laughing group members.

Oh, if that had only been the end.

I don’t know what it was, but sure enough my fingers twitched every time I saw Grap running in. I don’t know if it was a healing reflex that I developed due to our tank LouLou’s habit of not announcing over vent when he’s going, but sure enough on the fifth attempt I managed to play follow-the-leader with Grap again and brought all the chomping, fire-breathing fury down on our groups head.

Needless to say they weren’t pleased.

I apologized profusely and offered to pay repair bills and I definitely kept my hands above my head every other time we pulled. However, I have been forgiven, with the price of many in guild jokes about how paladins often wipe raids, or they’re taking pity on Grap for then number of times a pally killed him last night…Sigh.

Note: We did not manage to get the achievement (Okay not my fault, we had tank and DPS issues), but we got him down to 14k on one of our last attempts. We’re giving it another shot tomorrow night with a few more really awesome friends of mine, and some more guildies. Cross your fingers!


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